Top Weenect Pet GPS: World’s Smallest Unique Tracking Device

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of pet tracking with the Weenect Pet GPS – a revolutionary device that stands as the world’s smallest and most unique tracking solution for your beloved companions. In a world where peace of mind meets innovation, Weenect introduces a compact tracking marvel designed to redefine the way you care for your pets. As we delve into the realms of this extraordinary device, discover the power of precision, reliability, and unparalleled connectivity, all packed into the palm-sized wonder that is the Weenect Pet GPS.

We are delighted to bring you the Weenect GPS Dog Tracking Device. With no distance limit the Weenect is an amazing product that will help you find your dog should they escape their harness. We have already suggested some amazing GPS Tracking Devices for Dogs and this one is simply AMAZING.

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Here is a quick summary of the features of the Weenect Device;

  • Simple setup and Easy to Use GPS Dog Tracker
  • The tracker can be used in over 100 countries including all the European continent (WEENECT FAQ)
  • Small, lightweight and great for taking on your travels
  • Great training device
  • Safe Zone sends a notification to an app when the pet leaves the area

Tracking your dogs every move is very simple with the amazing smartphone app. Simply download the Weenect app on App Store or Play Store and link to the device via Bluetooth. The app displays a map of where your dog is and helps you track them down.

Dogs like to explore wherever they are but when in a woodland area this is where they wander. These are also areas that have a limited amount of network coverage. With the limited network, GPS signals can fail and cause apps not to work meaning your dog may run off and you do not see them in your tracking app. With the included SIM card you will guarantee that your app and Weenect device is connected 99% of the time.

The app includes dog location, battery life, network quality and internet connection. All these help you ensure your device is charged and working correctly before releasing your dog.

Please take a look at how small the device is next to Ralph our Miniature Dachshund;

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Features of Weenect Device

The Weenect device has a brilliant little vibrate and ring feature to help train your dog. Using the app to click the ring/vibrate function will alert your dog that they are doing something wrong. You should initially train them with what you wish for them to do when your press the button. Most train the ringer when it’s dinner time which will get the dog to return to you or your home.

Weenects tracking system provides several elements of the day to day activities. Not only are you able to track where your dog is but you can also track the distance travelled, avg. speed travelled at, time spent sleeping. All of this helps understand your dog needs a whole lot more. Like a Dog Fitbit.

It is a known fact that 1 in 3 dogs do get lost at least once in their lives and this can cause pain and heartache to many families. Every day I see posts on social media for missing / lost/stolen dogs. With the Weenect tracker, you will be able to track the dog’s whereabouts quickly and/or report to the authorities if required. A lot of pet owners use the Weenect for cats as they are more prone to going on a wander sometimes for days.

Is Their A Monthly Fee?

Weenect as a Dog Tracking Device has no limit on where your dog may be, it will still track them and tell you on the app. Being able to provide such a great service is down to the sim card that is included with the device. This SIM card needs to have a monthly fee to be able to remain in function and provide you with the amazing tracking service possible. Other devices use radio frequencies and Bluetooth only which doesn’t give you that full service and coverage required for lost pets. Subscription fee’s start at € 3.75 if you subscribe for 2 years or €7.90 a month if you don’t commit long term.

Weenect also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee should you decide not to keep the device. We can assure you though, once you have bought the device you will not want to return it.

What is Included?

In the very securely fastened casing is a;

  • Weenect Tracking Device. Such a small device that does all the work
  • Silicone case to put the device into. This helps to keep the device attached to ANY harness, small or large.
  • 1 USB cable for charging the device when required
  • 1 Charging base to stand the device in whilst charging
  • 1 user guide

Setting Up the Weenect Device

This is very simple. At first, I would suggest charging the device. Although there is a small amount of charge when you receive the device, like anything, you should always fully charge. This helps when setting up the device to ensure you don’t have to stop halfway through. Whilst charging you can download the app. Once charged and the app is downloaded. Place the device in the silicone case and attach it to the harness on your dog. Then using the app connect this to your Weenect Tracking Device. Make sure the device is detected on the app before leaving the house otherwise if your dog does escape and you’re not fully set up then it’s pointless. Once the device is located on the app and you can see your dog away you go.

Unleashing Peace of Mind: The Weenect Pet GPS Journey

As we conclude our exploration of the Weenect Pet GPS, it’s evident that this device transcends conventional boundaries to emerge as a beacon of reassurance for pet owners worldwide. The world’s smallest tracking device not only delivers on its promise of cutting-edge technology but also symbolizes a new era in pet care. With precision, reliability, and unrivaled connectivity, Weenect ensures that your furry friends are never out of reach. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is safe, and experience the extraordinary – all encapsulated in the palm of your hand with the Weenect Pet GPS.

Another great feature of the Weenect GPS Tracker is the inclusion of a Safe Zone. This allows you to set a specific area for your dog to be inside. If your dog leaves that area your phone will be alerted. This quickly enables you to be prepared to go and catch your runaway pooch. If you have more than one dog then you can include them in the one app, you do however require 2 Weenect devices. You can easily sync them onto 1 map and easily locate them if 1 or both decide to run away.