Superb Solvit Houndabout Dog Bike Trailer: Top 2 Picks!

Embark on a tail-wagging adventure with the Superb Solvit Houndabout Dog Bike Trailer – the epitome of canine comfort and owner convenience. In this comprehensive review, we present the top 2 picks of these remarkable trailers, each designed to redefine the way you and your furry companion experience the great outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a leisurely rider, the Superb Solvit Houndabout promises an unparalleled journey for both you and your four-legged friend.

Suitable for dogs with limited or no movement, the Houndabout Dog Bike Trailer is a perfect solution. No matter the size/weight/mobility of your doggie, this dog bike trailer will do the job to get your dog out and about.

Some dogs just don’t like rain, like Ralph and Rupert, so getting them out of the house can be difficult. If you regularly go out on a bike, no matter the weather, this is the perfect solution.

This amazing trailer comes in an Aluminium or Steel frame that helps support larger dogs. You can buy a medium or Large version but remember, you are the one pulling this along on your bike. That additional weight will make your journey a little more difficult than normal.

Also known as the Houndabout Classic or the Houndabout II, depending on the materials used. However, there is no difference in the design of each model as they are both amazing Bike Trailers for Dogs. The design is also exactly the same other than one is aluminium and one is steel. That’s it. So it’s entirely up to you which to choose.

Solvit HoundAbout Medium Bicycle Trailer


When dog owners around the world think of dog products and Solvit, they think of great products, great design and high quality. The Solvit Houndabout does not lack any kind of quality either.

The frame itself is so sturdy you should get plenty of life out of it even on some of the toughest bike trails. To make sure you get your value for money, Solvit offers a superb Life Time Warranty. This warrant is on any defective materials PLUS a 1-year warranty for anything else. This goes to show just how much Solvit trusts its product.

When looking at the Houndabout you may just think it is a standard bike trailer suitable for dogs. However, some unique features help make the Houndabout much more than just your normal bike trailer.

What Size Dog Can Use the Houndabout?

You should always measure your pet before purchasing anything that your dog either sits in or wears including bike trailers. Buying one too big could cause them a little distress and have too much space to be comfortable and one too small can be dangerous as they will bang about. The Medium version of the Houndabout is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs whereas the Large version is for the bigger dog.

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Solvit HoundAbout Large Bicycle Trailer


When loading your dog into the trailer, open the rear door and hook the loop from the bottom to the top to help keep the door open. Once your doggie is in, securely fasten the loop back to the bottom for security. This should remain closed throughout your journey otherwise, simply put, your dog will fall out and runoff.

Whilst your doggie is inside there are several little nifty features that help your doggie remain comfortable. One is the front window. This windscreen made out of vinyl is perfect for your doggie to see you and where you are going. This will help them remain calm and seated. Secondly is the sunroof. This can be opened a small amount or fully on a nice day. Again, simply use the loop on an elasticated band and fasten it securely where you wish for it to be open. The front window also opens but your must ensure your doggie is fastened securely and on a shorter lead so they don’t jump forward and reach outside.

Also inside the trailer is a pocket where you can store bags or a lead. Do not store treats as it won’t take your dog long to find them and eat them.

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How Good are Tyres of Houndabout Dog Bike Trailer?

Depending on the model of bike you choose the wheels are between 16 and 20 inches and are very similar to that of a bicycle. Much like bicycle wheels they are made to withstand most terrains and remain comfortable over bumps and uneven roads. If the tyres do lose a bit of air you can easily pump them up with your bike pump.

The spokes are also the same as bicycle spokes and remain firm and solid throughout the bike ride.

Features for Building the Trailer

Building the trailer can take up to about 30 minutes give or take a few. It is very simple and the manual included goes through it simply and step by step. Make sure you follow them and test the trailer before heading out on the road otherwise you could have a severe accident with yourself or affect your doggie.

Also, once you have built and attached it to your bike, take it for a test drive without the dog inside. This will ensure you have fitted it correctly. A helpful tip is to maybe put a big inside that weighs roughly the same amount as your dog when inside the trailer.

The tow bar on the trailer is a universal fit so will fit all standard bicycles. It is quick and simple to fit and will remain in place once secured correctly.

A Canine Odyssey Unleashed: Top Picks for Paws on the Move

As we conclude our exploration of the Superb Solvit Houndabout Dog Bike Trailer, it’s evident that these top 2 picks have set a new standard for pet-friendly outdoor adventures. With their durable construction, innovative features, and a commitment to safety, these trailers ensure that every ride is a joyous escapade for your canine companion. Say goodbye to ordinary outings and embrace a canine odyssey with the Superb Solvit Houndabout – where every pedal stroke becomes a shared memory etched in the tapestry of your bond. Choose excellence, choose adventure, choose the Superb Solvit Houndabout – because every dog deserves a ride as extraordinary as they are.

The Houndabout Dog Bike Trailer is a very popular product for dog owners and is one we highly recommend. The aluminium version is much more popular as it is rust-free and lighter than the steel version. Both models are amazing and both score very highly for us in practicality, design and strength.

They are both simple to use, simple to attach and very supportive of your dog. Another great thing about these bike trailers is that they are great for dogs that can no longer get out to the great outdoors on a lead.

Keeping your dog active as much as possible will ensure they remain happy even later in life when they cannot do much for themselves or walk very far anymore.