My Dog Has Done a Wee on the Floor. How do I Get rid of the Smell?

Even the best trained dogs have accidents.  It happens.  Dogs get excited and start to pee or they simply just have forgotten to go and start to pee where they stand.  Cleaning up immediately is the best action as this will reduce any long-lasting stains or smells.  Sometimes, your dog may have wee’ when you’re not at home.  Again, this is fine as there are other ways of getting this cleaned up and reducing smells.

Finally, dog urine smell outdoors can also be a problem especially on artificial grass.  This can linger for a long time.  Obviously cleaning your grass after every wee is impossible but there are still things available to make sure the smell goes away.

What Should I do When my Dog Pees on Carpet? 

Don’t Panic!  It might seem traumatic and annoying but do not worry.  Most people already have some essential products in the home to help quickly soak it up.  Kitchen roll / paper tissues in a nice thick layer will start to very quickly draw the wet out of the floor.  Once the paper is down make sure you have something on your feet (shoes / trainers) and put all your weight onto the towel.  This will help soak it up quicker and deeper.  TIP:  you could use Newspaper on top of the kitchen roll to help further absorb the wee.

Soaking up the liquid is phase one.  Removing the odour can be a little more difficult.  But if you have baking soda at home then you’re on to a winner.  Simply put some baking soda over the damp spot where you have soaked up the pee and leave to settle over-night.  As the pee will potentially make the baking soda thicken up and be difficult to hoover.  However, this is the most common way of getting rid of dog wee odours without excessive funding.   This may take a second or third attempt depending on how much pee.

What happens if the Dog Pee dries up? 

Once dried, dog pee tends to smell.  Sometimes it can happen in a place where you haven’t noticed and it dries up.  This makes it harder to clean and remove the smell. Also smelly dried dog pee can be extremely strong on artificial grass.  Although the smell may seem tough to get rid of, there are several ways to do this and we will share some products and also some cheap home remedies to try too.

Renting a wet vac is a simple and effective way but can be quite expensive for such a small amount of cleaning.  You can also simply use some warm water and clean towels, rinse the area thoroughly and soak back up with towels.  The towels will absorb the dog pee and the water making the smell disappear.  Use a hoover several times too over the area to help absorb the water and smell quicker.  Do NOT use a steamer.  As good as steam cleaners are on carpets to help clean, they dot not help the dog pee smell.

Hardwood / Laminate Pee Stains

Laminate flooring is the easiest to clean.  Kitchen roll or tissue paper.  Put it on the urine, watch it soak up.  If there is a lot, put a big wad of towels down / damp cloths and stand on them to speed up the process.  Simple.

Removing a smell for your laminate isn’t as straight forward.  White vinegar is probably the most natural and cheapest way of cleaning and odours.  50% white vinegar, 50% Water and spray / rub into the area.  Then soak up like you would on a carpet, warm water and paper towels.

Baking soda is also a great cleaning product and works well when the area is slightly damp.  This time you would need to leave the baking soda on the area over night.  Then hoover it up and clean the area as above.  This should help remove the smell and/or stain

Other than these tips you could try some products that are readily available to buy that also do the same but at a little extra cost.

Top 4 Products to Help Find and Clean Dog urine on Your Floor

Microfibre Towelsmicrofibre dog towel to clean up dog wee

Soaking up any liquid has never been easier than with a microfibre dog towel.  This includes Dog Pee.  Microfibre towels leave little to no water behind.

Covering the wet surface with kitchen roll or a towel will help lift the wet area.  This can also take some time so standing ontop od the towels can help increase the speed the water is absorbed.   However, several pieces of kitchen role are needed or towels and can take a while to absorb fully.

This is the same with laminate flooring.  Wipe, Clean, Wipe, Clean can be a long process and you still might never fully absorb to wet area(s).

Super Absorbent Microfibre Towels are a great way of lifting all the water / urine from the wet area.  You can also just simply throw them in the washer for a quick clean.

Finding the Urine – UV Lightuv torch to find dog pee

Finding dog pee can be a difficult task, especially if its dried. UV lights are a great way of finding stains in your carpet/ flooring to help identify what needs cleaning and where.

Simply turn on the UV light, works better in the dark, and any stains will illuminate and help you identify the area to be cleaned.

UV lights identify stains that contain a substance called ‘Phosphors’  which is also in Dog Pee.  By identifying dog pee under UV light you can quickly clean the area but also identify whether your dog is peeing at home when your not there.


Spraying Odour Eliminator like Rocco & RoxieMy Dog Has Done a Wee on the Floor. How do I Get rid of the Smell?My Dog Has Done a Wee on the Floor. How do I Get rid of the Smell?

Enzyme and Chlorine free clean is a harmless, child friend, pet friendly spray to help relieve any surface of odours.  Spray the area thoroughly and soak up with towels.

We also use Vanish Carpet Cleaner which is great for removing dog smells and urine from the carpet.  It also gives it a nice fresh look (with a bit of effort).

Spray the foam into the carpet and use a rubber or stiff brush to rub it deep into the carpet.  Leave to set for about 10 minutes and then hoover over the area.

The carpet looks and smells fresh again.


Train Your Dog To Not Pee In The House

If you have a young puppy then immediate training is required to stop the peeing in the home.  This can end up costly if your dog finds it safer to pee in the home.  Train from day one to pee outside.  Older dogs are a little different as this can be a bladder problem because of their age, however you need to notice the signs and get that dog outside immediately.  If your dog does pee in the house, clean immediately or cover until you can clean.  Covering it will prevent your dog finding it and marking his/her territory again and again.

If your dog begins to regularly pee inside, then this could be a check at the vets to see if there is an underlying condition that needs treating.