Top 7 Perfect Kayak for Dogs: Solo Adventures on the Water!

Embarking on solo adventures on the water becomes even more enjoyable when your loyal companion, your furry friend, can join in the excitement. In this guide, we present the “Top 7 Perfect Kayaks for Dogs” that seamlessly blend safety, comfort, and durability, ensuring both you and your canine companion have a paw-some time on the waves. From spacious cockpits to canine-friendly features, these kayaks are tailored to make every water excursion an unforgettable bonding experience for you and your furry mate.

Before you begin to search for kayaks for dogs, remember to measure your dog’s combined weight and the items you will carry with you, as you wouldn’t want to overload the kayaks.

It is no secret that most dogs love and enjoy Kayak riding very much. Kayak riding is considered one of the outdoor activities involving a pet.

There are many activities you can do in the world that people believe they cannot do when they own a dog. Or they leave their dog behind. Kayaking is a fantastic experience each time, and sharing these adventures with your dog is a must. Searching the internet for the Kayaks for Dogs, you will find some fantastic images showing dogs enjoying their kayak adventures with their owners.

Choosing a Kayak That is Dog Friendly

Dog-friendly Kayaks are easy to find as there are so many to choose from; however, choosing the good one is much more difficult. Continue reading to take away that stress as we provide several vital specifications you need to look for if you wish to choose your own fantastic Kayak.

7 Handpicked and Best Kayak For Dogs

  • Perception Tribe – Sit-On-Top Kayak

best dog kayak attachments

Our number one choice for Dog Kayaks is the Perception Tribe sit on top Kayak. At a whopping 13 and a half feet, this Kayak provides room for all the family (3 adults or two adults and a large dog). Perception Tribes kayak is great for the ocean or a gentle cruise down a lake. The Kayak is also extra stable due to how low the water it is.

Another great feature is that the seats are easy to stow away. They can be folded away. Finally, to keep any unwanted water from getting to you, then the Perception Tribe comes complete with “scupper holes.”

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  • Ocean Kayak Malibu – Sit on Top Kayak

OCean Malibu Best Dog Kayaks

Up next is the Ocean Kayak Malibu Tandem Kayak. This Kayak is a previous seller on Amazon and is a well-known dog kayak. The size of 12 feet long and its sit-on-top Kayak make this the perfect Kayak for you and your dog.

The Ocean Malibu Kayak can hold up to 190kg in weight (approximately two adults and a Child / Medium dog). The design is perfect and allows for storage of all your items or even up to three paddlers.

Included in the Ocean Malibu are three comfortable seating positions complete with wells, handles, and straps. The Kayak is highly stable and durable, with a robust and sturdy deck for your dog to sit on whilst you are out on your adventure.

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  • Aquaglide Chinook Tandem – Inflatable Kayak

aquaglide inflatable dog kayak

Inflatable kayaks are becoming more and more popular, so more people are taking dogs with them in an inflatable kayak. Inflatables these days are made with a much more durable material that prevents punctures and makes them even more potent than a hard-shelled kayak. You still need to ensure your dog’s nails are trimmed, but that is all.

Some of the main features of the Aquaglide Chinook are the size of the cockpit and the boat’s length. The cockpit size allows up to 3 adults to sit safely and comfortably, or two adults and a large dog (as we are looking at the dog kayaks). The cockpit size makes it even easier to get your dog on board. The length of the boat is shy of 13 feet and supports up to 250kg in weight, allowing a St. Bernard and two adults to be on board and your baggage – comfortably. The Aquaglide Chinook may be inflatable but is made with advanced puncture-resistant PVC that gives extra stability on your travels.

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  • Old Town Vapor 10 – Hard-Shelled

Old Town Vapor 10 Best Dog Kayak

Most Amazon customers or kayak lovers tend to go for the hard-shelled kayaks, and the Old Town Vapor 10 is where they head. Providing plenty of legroom, the Vapor 10 is a well-made kayak that allows its owners to sit inside and enjoy a comfortable ride whilst your dog sits between your legs.

Although only suited for one adult, your dog can come along for the ride as long as it is only a small or medium-sized dog that can fit between or on your legs. The Vapor 10 Kayak is a mere 10 feet long and is lightweight, making it easy to transport. Although not our favorite, if you are looking for an excellent, quiet, peaceful kayaking adventure for you and your dog, then this is what you need.

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  • Sea Eagle SE330 – Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle SE300 Best Kayak Dog attachments

Some users of the Sea Eagle ER330 have said this may be the dog kayak on the market. It is a trendy choice, that’s for sure. It is affordable, high quality and above all else, looks excellent. Once you have received the Kayak, you are good to go straight away. The kit comes complete with all your need to get going. A boat. A pump. Some seats and a carry case.

Sea Eagle has made this with puncture-resistant material, so your doggie will struggle to get through this. Also, allowing up to 225kg in carrying on, take your giant pooch with you and have plenty of room for a good meal. Once the Sea Eagle has been deflated, you can carry it anywhere. It weighs just 11kg, so that it will fit snug into the boot of your car.

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  • Lifetime Sport Fisher – Hard-Shelled

lifetime sport fisher kayak for dogs

Fishing Kayaks are a great way to relax in the open waters whilst having relaxing fish. Taking your dog along for the ride is simple with the Lifetime Sport Fisher. As it is a fishing kayak, your can easily stand or sit without any worries.

Complete with a 6inch storage hatch, you will be able to keep spare clothes/food nice and dry. The Kayak is 10 feet long and is excellent as a single or tandem kayak for you and your dog.

There are also several footrests for different seating positions. You or your dog may find any of these comfortable.

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  • Coleman Colorado – Inflatable Kayak

coleman colorado fishing kayak for dogs

Finally, last but not least is the Coleman Colorado Inflatable kayak. This fishing kayak can support a large dog and an adult or two adults making it great for fishing with a friend (dog or human). The Kayak has been deemed one of the inflatable kayaks, and with its puncture-resistant material, your dog won’t get through. The Coleman Colorado also gets through the water extremely well. At a very affordable price and a respectable 10 feet 9 inches, the Colorado Coleman is an excellent addition to any fisherman looking for something a little different.

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Required Kayaking Gear

Besides the obvious, a kayak, your dog will require a few additional items. Here is a quick rundown of the Kayak for dogs for you to take with you.

HighDoggie Life Jack / Flotation DeviceFlotation device to help keep your dog safe when in the water
MediumChuckIt! BallFor Your dog to play with
HighMilk Bone SnacksFor rewarding your dog for good behaviour along the journey

Point to Note:  A meal for you and your dog is essential and has plenty to drink. Plus treats to help your dog train to ensure they continue to behave.

Safety Tips For Kayaking With Your Dog

Safety should always be your number one priority for your dog, especially when out in the open waters. You will have a lot of points to consider about keeping your dog safe, but here are the leading and most important;

  • Make sure your dog has a life jacket.
  • Sun Cream is required on dogs’ noses in warm weather
  • DO NOT tie your dog up to the boat
  • Take a little more food and water than you think you need
  • Stay in calmer-looking waters as your dog may panic

Previously we mentioned that one of the essential pieces of equipment your dog will need when out in a kayak is a Dog Life Jacket (aka personal flotation device). Your dog could be the strongest swimmer and confident around water, but there are many stories of dogs being lost or even drowned. The current in rivers and streams can sometimes be too intense for your dog to cope with. Having a dog life jacket will ensure your dog stays afloat.

Another essential safety point is to never tie your dog to the boat with a rope or harness. This is so dangerous as your dog will not be able to escape should your Kayak turn over. Also, whilst underwater yourself, you will find it difficult to untie your dog whilst trying to save yourself. Instead, please keep your dog with its collar in a safe place, so that should the boat turn over, you can grab hold and pull your dog to safety.

Re-hydration is essential for any human or dog on a kayaking trip. The sun can dehydrate you quicker than on land away from moisture while near open water. Take plenty of water and food to ensure you keep hydrated and safe. A vet bill, after all, is not what anyone wants.

Train your dog, using treats, and then once trained and you’re comfortable, then, attempt going out on the water. Start shallow as your dog may get scared the first time.

Size of Kayak

Choosing the Kayak for you and your dog depends on the size of your dog. Kayak dimensions must allow for a little extra room for your dog. Dogs like to move around and can take a while to get comfortable. Ensure that there is room to allow this.

The Kayak’s width is also important. Standing dogs need to be able to do so comfortably and not slip or slide. They should be able to stand still on the Kayak without falling out.

Finally, how much weight the Kayak can take must be considered. You don’t want a lightweight kayak and a large, heavy dog. This will make the journey a considerable struggle, and you may also sink.

Sitting on/in the Kayak

There are two types of kayaks for the most popular dogs. Sit on kayaks and sit-in kayaks. Medium to large breed dogs prefer to sit on kayaks as they are open and allow plenty of free room. Dogs like water can jump in and climb out whenever they wish. Most sit-on kayak users find much more stability whilst you other riding with them.

Smaller dogs, like Ralph, tend to like the sit-in kayaks. Smaller dogs want to find smaller, cozier cozier to rest and get comfortable. Some will even sit on you. Your dog will make its mind up once comfortable in the Kayak.

Dual or Single Kayak

A single single precisely that, one seat with just enough room for you and your equipment (your dog could sit on your lap or top of on the Kayak). Larger dogs will require a tandem kayak which provides a second seat so much more room for your dog and equipment.

Fishing vs Inflatable vs Hard Kayaks

It is suitable for standing & sitting, making it one of the kayaks for dogs and a fishing kayak. These are much more stable than most kayaks as, when fishing, you may need to stand several times. If you are kayaking with your dog, then a fishing kayak is an excellent accessory for those calmer waters.

Some dog owners panic when they see inflatable dogs together; however, inflatable kayaks have seen technology improve. Inflatable kayaks are considered much more durable than hard-shelled kayaks. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed to prevent any punctures, as the outside layer of the inflatable Kayak is made from the same material as a white water raft.

Furthermore, the weight capacity seen in an inflatable kayak is higher than in h d-shelled kayak. This makes them stable and comfortable for small or large dog breeds. St. bernaBernardsreat Danes are probably better suited to an inflatable kayak.

9 Things To Consider When Kayaking With Your Dog

  1. Your Dog: Taking your dog kayaking can be a fun experience for everyone if your dog enjoys it. Sometimes dogs don’t like being in a kayak or the open water. Training your dog is a vital part of kayaking with your dog, but you may need to look elsewhere if your dog becomes anxious. Not all dogs are cut out for being kayaking partners.
    Nobody wants to be stranded with an over-anxious or hyperactive dog in the open water. The results can be dangerous for you and your dog. Ensure your dog is a lover of the water and comfortable sitting and relaxing whilst sitting in the Kayak.
  2. Introduction to the Kayak: Some humans can be scared of a kayak so imagine what they look like to a tiny dog. Introducing your dog to the Kayak first is an excellent way of allowing your dog to get comfortable. Desensitizing your dog will make your kayak experience much more fun with your dog. Leave your dog to sniff and search around the Kayak on their own, in or outside, to allow them to get used to its size it. Then, once they seem relaxed, start getting them to sit inside. Put their favorite toy in and let them play, or even their favorite blanket. Using dog treats as rewards or finding them gives them an incentive to stay in the Kayak.
  3. Getting in and Out: Training dogs to do anything is always tricky, so why would getting them in and out of a kayak be any different? Even with the dog kayaks, dogs need time and training. Use other methods and techniques to get your dog in and out. As mentioned earlier, start on land. Whether in your house, garden, or beach, your dog will be more comfortable than on a rocking kayak. As you help your dog jump into the Kayak, use the sit training command immediately. As your dog sits, then give them a treat. This quickly teaches them to sit on the Kayak, which is the correct behavior. Also, when they leave the Kayak, get them to sit straight away before giving a treat – smaller dogs can be lifted and put in, but you still need them to sit.
  4. Speed: Remember, you are not out for white water rafting. You are out for a nice trip down the river/lake at a slow speed. Once your dog is comfortable getting in and out of the Kayak and has mastered the sit command at the correct times, it is time to focus on paddling. Allow them into some water for a short trip or paddle.
  5. Starting Your Journey: The main reason for training your dog to be extremely well-controlled at sitting and staying is the start of your journey. With any raft or Kayak, you will need to be outside the vessel to get it into the water. Your dog will have to be in the Kayak on its own for a short period.
  6. As the boat starts to move, your dog may feel the need to jump out. This is not ideal. Whilst moving the Kayak, continue with the sit and stay in command to ensure your dog stays in the seat. Likewise, when you start paddling, your dog can get a little startled at first but can quickly get used to them.
  7. Staying Put: Dogs can be distracted by wonderful, wondrous things on their travels. From a tiny leaf blowing in the wind to some birds/wildlife roaming around the trees. Either way, when in a kayak, your dog can encounter beautiful things and want to jump out and explore. When in open water, it’s not quite that simple.
  8. Sitting Command: Continue using the sit and stay command, as this is an essential part of your dog’s training and journey in a kayak. You can train your dog in your local parks where it’s busier with people or wildlife. Teaching them to stay by your side is a simple and effective way to remember in a kayak. Use the same commands at all times.

A Tail-Wagging Finale to Your Kayaking Journey!

As we wrap up this exploration into the “Top 7 Perfect Kayaks for Dogs,” envision the joyous moments awaiting you and your canine companion on the open water. The solo adventures will undoubtedly reach new heights as you navigate the waves together. From the reliable stability of each kayak to the thoughtful design elements accommodating your furry friend, these watercrafts promise a journey filled with shared happiness. So, gear up for an aquatic escapade with your four-legged sidekick, and let the waves carry you both towards memories that will last a lifetime. Grab the leash, secure the life vests, and embark on solo adventures with your pup aboard – the perfect kayaking experience awaits!

Hopefully, this guide has helped you make a much more determined choice on the Kayak for your dog. Finding a kayak suitable for both you and your dog has now been made more accessible, from a kayak with a little more room to an inflatable kayak that you may not have thought about before. If you are a fan of the water, definitely take your dog with you. Dog kayaking can be lots of fun, and it’s a great time to be had. Taking your friend with you can make the experience much more fun if your doggie behaves.

FAQ’s about Kayak for Dogs

  1. Is it safe for dogs to go kayaking?

    Yes, it can be safe if precautions are taken. Dogs should wear a life jacket and feel comfortable around water.

  2. What kind of kayak is best for dogs?

    Kayaks with an open design, like sit-on-tops, provide more space and stability for dogs.

  3. How do I introduce my dog to kayaking?

    Start on land, letting your dog explore the kayak. Slowly introduce them to water by the shore and use treats for positive reinforcement.

  4. Should my dog wear a life jacket while kayaking? 

    Absolutely! A well-fitted life jacket is crucial for their safety, especially if they fall in or get tired.

  5. What safety measures should I take?

    Bring a first aid kit, fresh water, a leash, and ID tags. Ensure your dog is microchipped in case of separation.

  6. How can I make my dog comfortable on a kayak?

    Start with short trips and bring their favorite toys or treats. Praise and reassure them throughout the journey.

  7. Are there rules for kayaking with dogs?

    Check local laws, some places may require life jackets or leash regulations for dogs on watercraft.

  8. What if my dog gets anxious on the kayak? 

    If your dog seems upset, return to shore. Avoid forcing them and work on positive associations gradually.

  9. Can all dog breeds go kayaking?

    Not all dogs enjoy the water. Consult your vet to ensure your dog is physically fit for kayaking.

  10. How do I dry and clean my dog afterward? 

    Use a towel to dry them off and rinse with fresh water. Check ears and dry gently to prevent infections.