Remember your Dog with the Top 9 Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes

For people who have dogs in their homes, their canine friends are just like family for them. People spend a part of their daily lives taking of their wants and needs and ensure their happiness and well-being. In return, dogs reward with their acts of love and true companionship. It’s for that reason it is hard for a dog owner to say goodbye to their friend. The small pup that you nurture into adulthood, will eventually have to pass on.

So, when that eventuality finally hits you in a wave of emotions, the only thing left to decide is how to send your favourite buddy in a memorable way. A lot of individuals consider putting their pets down to avoid the pain of injury or diseases at the end. Meanwhile, others have to consider whether they wish to bury or cremate their pets. For certain families, having their dog’s ashes with them helps to keep their pet in their homes and memories forever.

There are a lot of different ways to go about this, but a specially made dog urn is the ideal memento for anyone who wants to keep their pet’s ashes. Some people choose to make an altar around their urns, as a special memorial for their lost friends. Other urns are designed to be subtle and conservative, and then some others are a bit more decorative. There are even some urns that can include a photo of your dog for a more sentimental farewell. Regardless of how you commemorate your dog’s life, there’s a type of dog urn for you.

What are Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes?

A dog urn is a final resting place in which you store the ashes of your family dog. These urns can be found in different sizes, made using different materials. Small urns average about thirty cubic inches, medium ones go for about fifty inches cubic inches, large urns are around seventy cubic inches, and finally, extra-large urns top at a hundred cubic inches. Customisation choices for dog urns differ from putting in the name of your dog, to adding dates, breed types or even pictures. Handmade urns are the ideal choice, making your urn unique to your dog and your family as well.

Reviews of the 9 Best Memorial Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes

1 Perfect Memorials German Shepherd Urn Remember your Dog with the Top 9 Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes

The German Shepherd dog urn comes hand-painted with a beautiful bronze finish that gives it the ideal antique look for any memorial. It is built using cold cast resin, which gives it the durability needed from a permanent home for your pet. There is an opening under the urn which can be opened so you can put your pet’s ashes inside. With four screws, you can quickly and easily seal the remains without worrying about spilling.

Perfect Memorials understands the need for a personal touch when it comes to each family dog. That’s why they offer engraving services whereby you can get a separate plaque that you can place on the urn. It comes separately to prevent any damage to the urn in the process, and in case you have problems with engraving so they can replace them.


The whole urn comes with engraving option
Cold cast resin exterior
Good proportions
Ideal for dogs up to twenty pounds
Soft felt bottom for safety
The opening panel underneath urn for remains
Four screws to permanently seal ashes
Five-line option for engraving
Two font options.


Sometimes engraving isn’t done
Can be larger than expected

2 Perfect Memorials Dog-in-Basket FigurineRemember your Dog with the Top 9 Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes

For pet owners who don’t have a specific breed like German Shepherds or Beagles, Perfect Memorials provides them with a more breed-neutral option. You can bond with this sweet dog-in-a-basket figurine that will remind you of your beloved friend always. The design itself is similar to other Perfect Memorials Urns, with a panel below for remains and four screws for sealing.

The felt bottom also provides the same level of security. The one difference is that it provides four lines of text rather than five. Besides this limitation though, there’s not much else wrong with the figurine. Built to hold dogs up to a hundred pounds, this is the best way to remember your furry friend in a stylish and sweet manner.


Cute design
Good for dogs up to 100 pounds
Ideal internal capacity for ashes plus bag
The lid comes secured with screws
An engraved plaque is easy to attach
Option to have front and back plates engraved
Comes in all sizes, with customisable options
Durable exterior
Felt base to prevent falls


No sizing chart for weight, only internal capacity
Sometimes engraving doesn’t happen

3 Perfect Memorials Yorkshire Terrier UrnRemember your Dog with the Top 9 Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes

This urn meant for Yorkshire Terrier pups has a similar cold cast resin as the other Perfect Memorials figurines. However, it has a more lightweight design and the hand-painted surface makes use of a multi-tone finish instead. The details in the design are also quite deep, and you can even add additional art by providing more fees. This is definitely a more personal option for owners who want something to keep their furry pals in their homes.


Durable multi-tone finish
Extra art and personalisation can be added for an extra fee.
Lightweight design
Ideal for two dogs less than fifty pounds
Design is more detailed
Felt bottom for safety
Adjustable bottom panel for ashes
Secure base


Only meant for smaller pups
Engraving issues

4 Kedera Keepsake Urnkedera memorial urns for dog ashes

Kedera is a company known for its wooden urns with beautiful polishes. The Keepsake Pet Urn also makes use of high-quality solid wood. It makes use of handmade craftsmanship with a rosewood surface that adds a light touch to any home. The container has a smooth exterior and also comes with a picture frame, as well as a solid brass plaque that can be engraved. The combination of bronze and wood is well-done, giving a uniquely elegant look.

Your pet’s ashes can be securely kept in the urn through a hinged opening at the bottom without worrying about spills. The overall design is ornate so it can be placed in any place around your home. Not only can you keep ashes inside, but you can save your dog’s favourite toys or other items like keepsakes, pictures, etc. with enough space to spare. With such a homely design, this is a wonderful option for your pet’s permanent resting place.


Good design
Photo customisation
Engraving option
Durable wood
Versatile use as decoration and storage
Good delivery time
Suitable for dogs of up to 87 pounds


Wood isn’t as light as expected
Engraving issues
Not for very big dogs

5  Perfect Memorials Beagle FigurineRemember your Dog with the Top 9 Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes

Perfect Memorials makes out list once again, this time with a unique and popular Beagle figurine urn. With so many different figurine options, it does stand out on our list. This one has a coloured finish suitable for Beagles with a slightly lighter tone. The overall design is typical Perfect Memorials style, with felt bottom, open panel, four screws, and a bronze finish. The custom engraving is again limited to four lines rather than five, but the good news is that this is one of the larger urn sizes the company offers, so bigger dogs can find this to be a great home. If you’re a Beagle owner who’s looking for a permanent resting place for their pup, Perfect Memorials does the job with this figurine


Four-line text for engraving
Cold cast resin
Hand-painted for Beagle coluoring
Bronze finish
Felt bottom for safety
Secure lid with screws
Lovely design
Meant for bigger dogs


Only comes in large size
Engraving issues

6 OneWorld Pet Memorials Pawprint Urnpaw print memorial urn

OneWorld is another pet memorial company that prioritises customers’ comfort and needs. These paw print urns re one of the most unique designs available. It is brass finish provides a lightweight design consisting of 90% copper and the remainder of zinc. Brass offers a brighter golden-brown look that is beautiful when polished. Commonly, brass dog urns are smoothed out using bronze/pewter to improve the brass protection as well as changing the colour.

The bronze offers a slightly reddish colour, while the pewter provides you with a more silver hue. This is why this raku pet urn has such a beautiful coloured finish. The raku design and use of bronze predate centuries, so this urn is a more antique-looking memorial keepsake than most others out there. With good durability and beautiful design, you can’t find a more beautiful resting place for your dog friend. A few issues include the fact that it isn’t meant for bigger dogs, and the designs aren’t consistent since the urns are handcrafted and painted. But the unique design makes up for it.


Classical design
Unique raku pet urn
Provides a look with fascinating colors
Meant for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds
Engraving available


Not always like the picture because each one is handmade

7 Near & Dear Pet Memorials Engraved Urnnear and dear pet memorials

The Near & Dear Pet Memorials company ensures you get your engraved urn in mint condition for your special ceremony. The urn is delivered double-boxed and enclosed in a secure bubble wrap to ensure there are no scratches or damages. The dog urn itself has a heavyweight design which shows that the design quality is quite high, with its cast-iron finish. The engraving is also done by hand, which only adds to the beauty of the memorial urn. The engraving is done in gold, so that you get a brilliant shine whenever the urn catches any light, making it more unique. It comes with a screw on the top to ensure that your pet’s ashes don’t spill.

A drawback is that the company does not engrave pet names, which can be off-putting for some people. That said, you can easily solve the issue by getting a simple name tag from anywhere and use it as a DIY plaque. The company offers small, medium and large sizes so you will have ample space no matter which urn you choose. The overall design is subtle and elegant, making it a great addition to any living room. Especially for the price you get this urn, the overall value is definitely great for a comfortable and beautiful place for your dog’s remains.


Meant for dogs weighing up to fifteen pounds
Antique handcrafted design
Durable and beautiful brass finish
Available in small, medium and large urn sizes
The lid is threaded to offer secure closure
Ideal size for the decoration piece
Popular and well-rated amongst users


Quality issues with scratches and packing problems
Openings may not be adequate
Not meant for large dogs

8 OneWorld Memorials Dog Urnceramic dog urns

OneWorld Memorials makes it back on the list with one more unique Chinese urn design. This dog urn has a beautiful look with a slightly reddish-pink finish than what the company may suggest. This is because of the urn being handcrafted so you’ll have to modify expectations accordingly. The space inside is plenty for dogs of up to thirty pounds, which is enough for average-sized breeds. The urn has a secure seal on its lid and the container itself has a lovely finish that is decorative and memorable.

People appreciate the design since it doesn’t look like a typical urn, and rather an antique décor piece that can be placed on a bookshelf, mantle or any part of your living room. Another unique aspect is its Chinese design which makes it a great cultural piece, especially for breeds like a Shiba. There is a slight issue of the handle being brittle which means it could break if not handled properly. Other than that, it’s a great urn to have.


Beautiful pink ceramic finish
High quality design from northern China
Ideal for pets weighing up to thirty pounds
Can be personalised with an engraved base
Versatile decorative design
Heavyweight design


Not meant for big dogs
Handle is brittle

9 Pearhead Keepsake UrnRemember your Dog with the Top 9 Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes

Pearhead’s keepsake urn brings personalisation to a whole new level. You can make your pet’s paw impression and use as a keepsake in your urn. It comes with impression clay that makes zero messes, a rolling pin to handle the clay, a clay cutting ruler and tape for your craft needs. There is also an acid-free bevelled mat with a beige finish for a cute frame. The clay is pet and human safe and will dry within one to two days. You don’t need to worry about mixing, baking, or any messes! With so many customisable options, you will feel closer with your dog.


Provides a photo frame
Comes with a clay kit for paw impressions
Solid wood frame
Acid-free bevelled mat with beige finish
Zero mess.
Will dry in one to two days
Completely pet safe
A large variety of colours, customisations, and sizes


Box may come with scratches
Can be smaller than previous models

The Benefits of Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes:

Today, a lot of organisations and pet memorial services have made remarkable advances in beautifully commemorating pets, making the process easy for both dogs and their owners. Similarly, they’ve provided a ton of different memorial urns for dog ashes that are quite beneficial:

  • Dog urns allow you to take your beloved pet’s ashes with you wherever you go. If your family decides to move, you don’t have to worry about leaving your friend behind
  • Moreover, even the largest pet urns are pretty lightweight even when full, so you can easily transport your dog’s ashes to a different burial site, or keep them safe while travelling or moving.
  • Dog urns offer you a creative, fun and beautiful way to celebrate your dog’s life through personalisation, pictures and more.
  • Memorial urns, even when large, are compact enough to fit in most normal spaces. So, whether you live in an apartment or a house, you will always have space for your dog buddy.
  • Dog urns are usually designed to be ornate and decorative so that they add to the style of your home or even your dog.
  • Memorial urns are built to store ashes effectively without worrying about accidents or spills, so your pet will remain safe in his/her final resting place.
  • A lot of owners prefer to have their dogs cremated rather than buried for sentimental or cultural reasons, so urns are the ideal way to keep the ashes near you.
  • Pet urns provide you with the option of protecting your fur baby from the rain, sun, storm and other conditions in its resting place.
  • They are a great way for families to cope with the loss of their beloved pet by keeping the ashes close by, giving them a better sense of closure.
  • Sometimes, cremation can be a more efficient, affordable and memorable way of saying goodbye to a dog rather than burial.
  • Once you have had your pet cremated you are given the ashes of your dog and that is mostly sent house to you in form of the Pet Cremation Urn. These usually vary from each crematorium, some of these are suitable to show; others are for the outside use. Then, there are others you might extremely get disappointed with.
  • The consistency will depend on the crematorium and the equipment they have at their facility. They are perfectly safe as long as you don’t get them wet, for obvious reasons. Therefore, you would need to ensure your Pet Cremation Urn is weatherproof otherwise; it should be kept indoor to preserve the integrity of your loving pet.

Memorial Tricks and Tips:

  • If your dog passes away while at home, it would be a good idea to wrap him/her in their blanket and keep them someplace cool such as in a laundry room, or outside in a four-walled garden shed that you can keep closed till you can figure out what to do.
  • Afterword, you can decide with it’s better to take your dog down to the vet, do a proper burial yourself if you own enough space in your garden or backyard, or get the help of a pet cremation team.
  • These days, we have a lot of choices for a simple cremation or burying animals in local pet cemeteries. It can be a good idea to take the preferred commemoration process into consideration in advance if your dog is fatally ill. This is because most people are naturally too emotional towards the end, so you’ll want a clear head when choosing how to say goodbye to your dog.
  • Your vet may be able to advise on service options. Some can even arrange whole services for your ease of mind. This is a good option for people who will be too emotionally spent to handle everything.
  • If you prefer a more personalised sendoff, you should pick your own memorial urn for your dog’s ashes before the cremation process so you can hand it to the cremation services for storing.
  • If you’re thinking of having your dog’s ashes scattered in their special spot, like a pet playground or a beach, a single box can be offered by some cremation services which will be more than ideal for a comfortable burial of the ashes. In case of a permanent funeral, urns that are durable and good storage vessels can also be provided.
  • Make sure your dog’s urn is sealed properly to avoid having the ashes scattered or falling loose. If they’re exposed to any breezes, they can scatter into the wind, resulting in the loss of some of your dog’s remains. That’s why you should permanently seal the urn’s lid with some silicon caulking glue.
  • Keep the urn in a safe place in the house. Don’t keep the urn near any ledges or on any cabinet tops to avoid the urn being accidentally dropped and broken. Keep it on a flat, stable table or desk instead, so that if it is bumped into or hit there won’t be any issues with the urn tipping over.
  • Use some adhesive tape or putty under the urn. This will ensure that your urn doesn’t tip over. It also ensures that the urn’s own surface or the surface of the table or desk it is on isn’t ruined either.
  • Keep the urn clean by dusting it with a cloth or dusting brush. Don’t move the urn too much while cleaning to avoid any falls, since the urn will differ in weight depending on the size, material, and contents. If you store your dog’s ashes in a metal urn, spray it with tarnish to prevent damage to the outer surface of the urn.

Remember your Dog with the Top 9 Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes

What to Look for in Memorial Urns for Dog Ashes:

Dog urns are more than just storage spaces to put away your companion’s ashes. They are a permanent and timeless tribute to remember your pet dog forever. Looking for a service that provides dog urns can be difficult. Most vets don’t generally have them on hand or in stock. Also, if you reside small or a rural area, your choices aren’t that vast. When looking through different kinds of urns, you should keep an eye out for technical specs like:

  1. Dimension
  2. Capacity
  3. Weight of the contents

Before getting a dog urn, you will have to take the following factors into consideration:

  • Budget: This is generally the first thing people consider when their pet passes away. Urns for dogs are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. And their prices differ accordingly. A simple one can be easily bought for a few dollars. Conversely, the more ornate urns that offer more space for art, pictures, pendants and more can come for about a hundred dollars or even higher. Ultimately, it comes down to what you can afford and what your dog is worth to you.
  • Purpose: What exactly are you looking for in an urn? As a permanent ornamental piece, or as a burial ground for your pet’s last moments? A biodegradable dog urn is great if you wish to have a funeral for your dog in your garden or backyard. These urns are safe for the environment and degrade with time so that your furry friend can return to the earth as soon as possible. If you want to keep your buddy with you forever, a decorative urn is a better choice for you.
  • Size: The kind of dog urn is important for you to choose. As mentioned before, urns are available in extra-large, large, medium and small sizes. In fact, you can even find mini urns that are great for families that wish to share their family dog’s ashes amongst themselves so everyone has a piece of them all the time.
  • Wooden vs. Metal: Wooden and metal dog urns are both great options to keep the ashes of your beloved pet. They both have aesthetic appeal and customisation options. But if prefer one for outdoor display, then a metal one would be better for you. They are more rugged and durable and can withstand most weather conditions. You can even keep metal urns inside your home, so they offer ore versatility as a resting space for your pet. That said, wooden urns have their own unique appeal. They are typically made by hand and their grain patterns offer people uniqueness for their dog’s funeral, so you can rest easy knowing that your dog will be resting in its own special urn.
  • Customisation: There are many choices out there if you wish to customise your dog’s urn. For example, you can your dog’s picture engraved on the outer surface of some urns.
  • Convenience: The most convenient way to avail an urn is through a funeral house or a vet clinic. That said, you should check the additional fees that these services can charge, for example, mark-up prices and transport fees. This isn’t usually a big deal since pet crematories do usually provide affordable dogs urns. You can even choose to get urns from online retailers since these options are at the tips of your fingers, so you can get the urn of your choice easily.
  • The Seller: The company, brand or team that provides your dog urns must have adequate experience in offering other related items and services. They must also be working according to regulations and be able to meet customer’s needs. It’s better to do plenty of research before committing a single urn company.
  • Guarantee: Any pet owner would wish for their satisfaction guaranteed with regards to their dogs, especially during a moment of farewell. If you’ve decided to get a dog urn and suddenly feel you aren’t comfortable with the idea anymore, you should have the option to return the urn in its unused form


There are a lot of reasons why dog owners choose to store their pet’s ashes in memorial urns. They may be safe or unstable to store ashes depending on how they’re used.  A lot of dog owners can have trouble keeping urns in their homes if ash storage isn’t done properly.

  • You can choose to transfer your dog’s ashes yourself. All you have to do is place the entire original plastic containing the ashes inside the memorial urn.
  • You can also transfer the ashes directly into the memorial dog urn. The urn you choose can be put on display or be used for scattering. If the task is physically or emotionally challenging for you, ask a trusted family member for help.
  • Some funeral homes and crematorium services also offer to transfer the ashes into your urn for you. You can choose to get the urn from a vendor you prefer and send the urn to the desired home crematorium so that their team members can take care of the ashes for you.
  • Your pet’s ashes will generally be sent from the home or crematorium in polyethylene bags thick enough to hold them. The bag is placed safely inside a cardboard box, plastic container, or a plastic urn that’s just temporary. You will be provided a label on your dog’s remains, as a well as a certificate from the crematorium assuring you of your pet’s farewell.
  • Dog ashes are safe and not toxic, so you don’t have to worry about any health hazard when storing them.  In fact, ashes are typically thought to be sanitary and natural. That said, fine particles of ash must always be managed with caution to prevent inhalation. It is good to remember that these remains can differ between a fine sand-like powder such as sugar and a gravel-like material like cat litter.
  • If you choose to switch ashes from the polyester bag into your memorial dog urn, place a paper towel or newspaper on the ground or on a flat surface. Then, put the memorial urn on top of the covered surface and take off its lid.
  • Place a funnel in the urn. Grab the bag containing your dog’s remains and ensure that it’s perfectly sealed on either end using a tight tie.
  • Next, cut one corner of the bag at a diagonal using scissors. This makes a small opening through which you can pour the remains easily without losing any ash.
  • Gradually pour the ash using the funnel and into your dog’s urn. Softly give the funnel and memorial urn a tap to let the remains settle.
  • Put the lid back on the dog urn. After that, if you want to permanently keep the ashes sealed, get some glue or another sealant to fix the lid on the urn.
  • The other option is to just keep the whole bag of remains in the urn, which is much simpler and easier to do. Take out the bag from its original container, and then put it inside your selected dog urn, and put the lid back on.
  • You may want to switch the ashes from its sealed bag to a biodegradable dog urn or one that is used for scattering. This method involves a little more accuracy than just transferring the ashes to a bigger display urn since, in most of these situations, the remains will be stored in a smaller container.
  • After you have chosen a biodegradable/scattering memorial urn for yourself, you have to find a good spot with a flat, even surface that’s devoid of wind and offers good lighting. Get the ideal funnel size (typically smaller than the one used for display urns) that will fit your selected urn for the transfer.
  • Prep the space that you’ve chosen by covering the area with a paper towel or newspaper. Once you’ve moved the ashes, keep the urn in a secure space until you need it for your ceremony.
  • Keep in mind that glue is not needed for biodegradable dog urns or for scattering ones because the container doesn’t have to be sealed. The biodegradable urn will decompose, while the scattering urn will have to open for the scattering ceremony.
  • If you have a small container, like jewellery urns, keepsakes or other small urns, you need to take more care while you’re pouring your pet’s remains.
  • In case of small containers, when using a funnel, test it by placing it over the vessel and pour in a tiny amount of ash into it through the opening. If it passes through easily, you’re good to go. If not, cut a larger opening in the funnel.
  • Then, take your keepsake or jewellery, and place it over the urn. With your other hand, scoop some of the ashes using the funnel. After that, keep the funnel steady over the open space in the jewellery piece or keepsake as you pour the ashes in gradually. Close the top with some sealant or glue as needed.
  • For a more unique and personal touch, you can get in touch with memorial artists or photographers who can customise your urn for you. Even your dog’s ashes can be added to a ceramic surface or fused glass. Each artist has their own style and guidelines, so make sure to keep in touch with your desired artist to see if their practice and methods suit you in your time of need.
  • Each dog’s remains are different in their chemical composition. Ashes narrate a story through their makeup of minerals and other trace elements, so different from each other. These differences, along with the type of cremation, location, temperature and more, can alter the texture and weight of your dog’s remains. So, make sure to get a good idea of what urn will be best suited to your dog’s ashes.


Memorial urns for dog ashes can seem different for some people, but as you’ve seen in the guide above, these 10 memorial urns for dog ashes provide a lot of benefits for you and your family when parting with your dog. They make it possible to keep your dog with you in spirit wherever you are. You are being granted the ability to memorialise your pet without worrying about leaving them behind or forgetting them. All you have to do is get in contact with a clinic or crematorium or look online for the right urn for your furry friend. Dog urns are definitely a beautiful and appreciated gift that a lot of dog owners would and should consider as their pet’s final resting place.