3 Best Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs-Track Your Pup Anywhere

In the dynamic world of pet care, keeping a watchful eye on your furry companion has never been easier, thanks to the innovative technology of Tractive GPS trackers for dogs. These state-of-the-art devices offer a seamless solution for pet owners, ensuring that you can track your pup’s whereabouts with precision and ease. Join us as we delve into the top three Tractive GPS trackers, each designed to provide unparalleled peace of mind by keeping your canine friend within arm’s reach, no matter where life’s adventures take them.

Owning a GPS Dog Tracker can come in very handy for dog owners around the world.  When going out in your car on any long-distance journey will generally involve the use of a Sat Nav or some kind of GPS Tracker so you know where you are going.  Having a GPS Tracker for your Dog is just as good.  Attaching one to your dog collar is a huge positive.  Tractive GPS Tracker is so simple to use and lightweight, ensuring you can find your dog at ALL times. This article will be about Tractive GPS trackers for dogs.


Tractive GPS Tracker – Standardtractive gps tracker standard

Tractive GPS Tracker – Hunterstractive gps tracker hunters

Tractive GPS Tracker – Swarovskitractive gps tracker Swarovski

When you have a dog that can escape your garden, it becomes a problem tracking them down.  Some owners check on their dogs every couple of minutes when they are outside, making sure they haven’t escaped.  Making it difficult for you to relax.  Tractive have helped try and prevent this issue with the GPS Tracker.

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Testing the Tractive GPS Tracker is a fun activity for our family.  The kids loved it.  Being able to see where Ralph was on the Tracking Device whilst we were out.  We take Ralph on many walks up in the hills and in the woods.  He likes to roam around and always waits for the kids.  Being able to use the Tractive GPS tracker during these times helps keep our walks peaceful and our minds at rest.  Simply checking our phones to see where Ralph is hiding or wandering too.  It also helps us identify any dangers he may be getting close to, like roads or rivers.

There are other great devices that can create a boundary around your garden.  These wireless dog fences are another great way of tracking your doggies activities with a quick notification that they have crossed that boundary, you can immediately track their whereabouts.

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs- Get Details 

Like most GPS Trackers the Tractive is very simple to use and set up.  Connect the device to your dog’s collar using the clips.  Included with the Tractive device are two separate clips.  One for thin dog collars and one for the thicker rope style collars.

Before setting off on your walk, it is suggested to download the Tractive App.  Doing this on your walk might be too late as your dog may have already escaped your vision.  There is also a web version of the app accessible on your internet browser.  I use the Android App.

One great feature of the Tractive GPS Tracker is the Custom Safe Area that can be created.  This allows you to set an area that your dog cannot cross without alerting you.  If your dog does cross the border then your software will instantly alert you.

Once you have set up the GPS Tracker your dog will become virtually impossible to lose.  Knowing where your doggie is at every moment is key to ensuring its safety.  Even when out on a walk in the woods, your doggie can wander off, but the Tractive GPS Tracker will know exactly where he is.  Helping you to retrieve him quickly and safely.

In the Tractive package comes the GPS tracker, 2 clip-on connectors for the collar, a manual on how to set up the Tractive GPS Tracker and a charger.  When you open the box the charger stands out as being very different to standard plug chargers.  This one has a clip that helps you attach to the GPS Tracker.

Who Benefits from the Tractive GPS Tracker?

I and my family benefit from the Tractive GPS Tracker.  Ralph is such a small adventurous dog and loves being out in the open.  Because he is so dark he can be difficult to be seen sometimes.  We have always let him roam around and eventually with a quick whistle and a shout he will return.  On the odd occasion, he does tend to ignore us when he is distracted and that can cause a little panic in our kids.  With the tracker turned on we can quickly locate him and then let the kids go find him, which they love.  Hide and Seek with Ralph is so much fun for us all.

Finding Ralph in the dark is also much easier.  Tractive have included a button that allows you to turn a light on the device remotely.  This instantly works on the tracker on the dog’s collar so you can see where he is.  You can also find out from the App where your dog has been over the previous 24 hours.  A great way of wondering where your doggie may keep wandering off too.

The Tractive App also allows you the option of including multiple dogs to be tracked.  Simply purchase a second or third collar and add them to the tracker app.

Finally, the Tractive GPS Tracker notifies you with an in-app alert then the GPS Device battery is running low.  Once you receive this notification you will get some time to find your doggie and charge the battery to prevent any chance of you losing your doggie.

Tractive have made sure that their GPS Tracker is a great choice in over 80 countries with three amazing models to choose from.

  • White Traditional Edition
  • Camouflage Hunters Edition
  • Pink Swarovski Special Edition

The camouflage edition is a more durable version as it is designed for more intense doggie adventures.  The Pink Swarovski and the Tradition Edition are great accessories for a standard doggie adventure, while the pink adds a little extra bling.

As with any product on the market, there are always some cons.  Let’s look at some of the not so great features of the Tractive GPS Tracker. Please note that these are not me leaving a negative experience of the Tractive as I believe this is a great accessory.

Drawbacks of the Tractive GPS Tracker

Thicker dog collars will not be suitable for the clips that come with the Tractive GPS Tracker.  This might mean you require to purchase a new collar for your dog to ensure you can use the tracker.  Although this will mean incurring a little more cost, the benefits far out way this cost.

Some customers are also put off by the price of the Tractive GPS Tracker however, if you were to lose your dog, is the cost really that much of a problem?  In comparison to some of the other GPS Trackers for Dogs, the Tractive is the most competitive and user friendly on the market.

Why To Use Tractive GPS Tracker?

The GPS Tracker allows you to monitor your dog’s exact location as long as you have good cell coverage.  Make sure you take it with you when walking, travelling, camping or just letting your dog roam around.

Tractive charge a monthly subscription to use the GPS tracker as it requires network coverage from your mobile phone.  Check the subscription package with your device before signing up and registering.

Tractive GPS Tracker:  Pros and Cons


  • Locates Dog Instantly Using GPS Signal
  • Safety Area Can Be Setup
  • App Available for Android, IPhone and Windows
  • Suitable for Multiple Trackers


  • Clips only fit smaller / standard Collars
  • Can be quite expensive compared to cheaper trackers

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Unleash Peace of Mind: The Top 3 Tractive GPS Trackers for Dogs

In a world where our pets are cherished members of the family, investing in their safety and well-being is paramount. The journey of discovering the best Tractive GPS tracker for your dog has been both enlightening and empowering. As we wrap up this exploration, remember that the Tractive GPS trackers not only bring a sense of security but also strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can effortlessly track your pup anywhere, and let every wag of their tail be a testament to the freedom and safety these remarkable devices provide. Choose the best for your furry companion and embark on a worry-free journey together.

Generally, GPS Trackers for Dogs were used mainly on hunting dogs that regularly run miles ahead.  However, if your dog is a ‘wanderer’ that likes to go in the woods or the valleys, then a GPS tracker is a great idea too.  Tractive has created the perfect GPS Tracker for these types of dogs.  Furthermore, a GPS Tracker is not suitable for dogs that are house dogs that you do not allow off the lead or into large areas on their own.


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