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One of the best ways to keep your dog food fresh and in-accessible is owning an Airtight Dog Food Storage Container. These airtight storage containers prevent your dog food, usually kibble, from enticing flies/pests into the food due to the smell they release into the air.

Most dog owners use an old-fashioned Tupperware container which, although nice and cheap, is not recommended as they are not airtight. Any dog food storage container must be airtight, sturdy, structurally sound, chew and scratch-proof mainly because dogs are smart and try their hardest to get to the food.

The safety of our dogs is a huge concern for all dog owners. Finding top-quality,  healthy dog food is already difficult without being recalled by the manufacturers. The worst part is buying such a large bag of food to save money, then having nowhere to store it. Because dry dog food can be so expensive, it is always essential to store it correctly. If you buy Hypoallergenic Dog Food or other products like Wainwrights Dry Dog Food, you must make sure you have the best airtight dog food storage container to protect your product and your dog.

Owning the best airtight dog food storage container can save you money over time as your dog’s food will last longer and prevent going stale/soft. The greatest thing about these dog food storage containers, apart from being airtight, they can be stored anywhere, and your dog cannot get in them or break them to get to the food.

Why Choose an Airtight Dog Food Storage Container?

If like me, you buy a month’s supply of dog food OR you have a large dog that requires a larger bag of food, then you should look at purchasing one of the best airtight dog food storage containers. Without these containers, dry food (kibble) can be exposed to moisture and air, which can cause the food to spoil and end up in the bin. This will waste money and food.

Covering or storing food correctly will prevent the food from being exposed to bacteria which may harm your dog. If you don’t store your food in an airtight storage container, then this may also lead to bad odours and cause the food to become inedible. Again this will lead to the food being thrown away, wasting money.

Act Now: Purchasing an airtight dog food storage container NOW will save you a lot of money in the future.

If you purchase any of the best airtight dog food storage containers, make sure you consider how much food you buy. There will be no requirement for a 50kg storage container if you only generally purchase 20kg of food. Alternatively, if you have a couple of large dogs, you wouldn’t want a small dog food storage container and should look into the larger airtight dog food storage containers.

Let’s take a quick look at the best airtight dog food storage containers available…

Best Airtight Dog Food Storage Container 2017 - PetLife CurverCurver PetlifeComplete with Scoop and Wheels amazing 12kg / 20kg storage container5/5
PYRUS Dog Food Storage ContainerFood container with airtight seals4/5
Iris OhyamaAirtight food container, pet food storage, food container4/5

KitchenCraft Living NostalgiaVintage style dog food container made to last4/5
king fisher dog food storage containerKing FisherAirtight, Rubber Seals and lightweight4/5

Best Airtight Dog Food Storage Container

Curver Petlife Dog Food ContainerBest Airtight Dog Food Storage Container - PetLife Curver

The best airtight dog food storage container for us is the Curver Petlife.  This food storage container stores 12kg/35 litres or the larger version 20kg/54 litres of dog food.

The fantastic design of this container makes this our number-one choice. The Curve comes with wheels for easy movement of the container, an airtight lid and a hidden scoop.

This 35 Litre capacity dog food container is ideal for any dog owner! It will hold up to 12 kg of dog food which will be kept fresher for longer due to the rubberised seal moulded onto the lid.

This container is easy to move around and very easy to clean. The hard plastic structure makes this one of the strongest and most durable storage containers available.

This great airtight dog food storage container keeps the food fresh and tasting great for a long time. Ensuring your dog has a tasty meal every meal is why we love this storage container.

It has been said that the clip to release the lid has broken easily, some within a couple of weeks. Cracks have also appeared in the container’s cap, making it unusable. This can be caused by the item’s courier and the weakening of the product when in transit.

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King Fisher Storage TubDog Food and Pet Food storage bin

The King Fisher Storage Tub is a great storage container for your dog food, complete with rubber seals and a scoop.

This storage container holds up to 30 litres of food and is completely airtight. It is great for owners of multiple dogs.

Amazingly, this airtight dog food storage container is lightweight, so it can be easily moved around, especially when empty.

King Fisher has been greatly reviewed for how fresh the food is kept when using this storage container. The low price is currently making this the best selling item on Amazon. It is also the lowest-priced item of all the airtight dog food storage containers reviewed.

Although the container does state it stores around 15kg, this is more recommended for bird food and not dry dog food. Dry dog food will store around ten or 12 kg.

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Iris Ohyama Airtight Food Container

This airtight dog food storage container by Iris Ohyama is as basic as they come.

A plain tube with a coloured lid that is completely airtight.

The Iris Ohyama does come with a wide variety of lid choices so that you can match the decor of your room.

The Iris Ohyama also comes with wheels, so you can easily move around once it has been filled.

The hinges on the lid have been known to be extremely flimsy and, on occasion, fall off. Be mindful when using the product as if the lid does not work, the food will be exposed, and the container will not be airtight.

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KitchenCraft Living Dog Food Storage Container with Scoop

Vintage-style Airtight Dog Food Storage Container. This sturdy steel tin is great for storing dog biscuits or dry dog food.  With its handy lid, it keeps food fresh and dry for longer.

This storage canister is a piece of functional homeware from KitchenCraft’s Living Nostalgia range. With its robust design and Antique Cream finish, it harks back to when things used to look gorgeous and last a lifetime. It’s practical and is designed to blend beautifully with any décor.

As a final touch, the container has the word “FEED” printed across the front, so you’ll never confuse the dog food for the laundry powder!

This container is packed with old-fashioned practicality. It measures 19 x 16 x 27 cm and can hold up to 3 kg of dog food. The whole thing is made of high-quality steel, with a secure lid that helps prevent moisture from spoiling the feed. It also stops garden pests from helping themselves!

This is the smallest dog food container but is one of the best-looking and long-lasting. Although not completely airtight, this dog food container keeps your food completely fresh and secure and prevents moisture from getting to your food.

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Pyrus Dog Food Storage Container

Pyrus has created this amazing airtight, easily stored dog food storage container.

With the simplest designs, dog food can be easily poured into a bowl without any mess.

Sealable and lockable sides make this a completely airtight storage container, helping your dog food keep dry and prevent any moisture.

Can be stored in your normal cupboards as they are not too big or too small.

Although these are a very basic design, they are a great accessory for your smaller breeds. A full tub lasts Ralph approximately one week due to his daily food intake.

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Can An Airtight Dog Food Storage Container Improve My Dogs Health?

Honestly, I didn’t believe it at first, but it can.

Having your dog’s food stored in an airtight dog food storage container is safe from bacteria and other nasty surprises.   Your dog could then eat the food and become very sick from the spoils and bacteria that the food has been exposed to. It will also not taste very nice, and your dog may not eat at all.

By spending just a small amount of money on the best airtight dog food storage container, you are putting in measures to prevent your dog from getting sick and looking after your dog’s health. This will save you thousands in vet bills in the future.

Should I buy a Dog Food Storage Container?

Most dog owners should invest in any of the above airtight dog food storage containers. If you buy dog food or dry dog food, it is only natural to buy something to store the dog food. Whether you buy food in meal sizes or like us, you buy a month’s supply. Having a proper storage container will make all the difference to your dog’s diet.

Airtight Dog Food Storage Container Summary

Choosing the best dog food storage containers was a simple process. Looking into the materials and the size they go up to was the only way I established which was the best. Many plastic models are filled with toxins, and researchers/manufacturers are quickly heading into metal products for storage. The Best Airtight Dog Food Storage Containers I have listed above all have airtight rubber seals. Most also come in several different sizes/colours to suit you and your home.

Owning an airtight dog food storage container is a must if you wish your dog to stay healthy and live a happy life. By paying a small fee for the storage containers, you will save thousands over the years in vet bills.

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