Best Dog Agility Equipment To Train Your Dog at Home 2019

Training your dog requires a lot of patience and can be very rewarding.  Owning some of the best dog agility equipment will really help you succeed.  Dog Agility Equipment is not that expensive and, if you have kids, can be very entertaining.  The dog agility equipment available for home use is fantastic, brightly coloured and easy to store away. Your dog and your kids can be entertained for hours even whilst training.

Take a look below at some of the best dog agility equipment available.

Best Dog Agility Equipment You Can Use at Home 2019

There are literally hundreds of different training methods to teach your dog when using dog agility equipment.  Agility training is fast paced and requires a lot of skill in you and your dog to ensure timing is perfect.  To help with the training there are beginners kits that are ready and available for home use.  This can quickly help your training and ensure your dog has regular exercise and mental training.

Check out some of the Best dog agility equipment kits below;

1 PawHut Pet Agility Training Equipment

Beginners Dog Agility EquipmentFirst up we have the PawHut Dog Agility Training set.  This set can be bought as a full package or individually.  Full package includes Pole, Tunnel,  Hurdle and Lunch Box. 

This pet agility training set by Pawhut is an excellent piece of equipment to train your pet. Your dog’s sense and ability to follow orders can be well trained by this set. It is a great tool to use from your pets early age to create the bond between you and your dog, which will provide a comfortable and happy experience for both.


• With long sturdy spikes to secure into ground
• Adjustable height of high jump
• Bag provided for Portable packaging
• Inspires interactive fun
• Promotes your dog’s health and well-being
• Accessories Included 6 steel stakes, 4 spikes, 1 string and packaging bag

2 6 dog agility weave poles

dog agility equipmentThis is a clever JesseJump agility training set which consists of 6 training weaves which can be easily converted into 3 jumps within seconds. The weave poles are designed with detachable galvanized steel spikes which support them when inserted into the ground.

The kit is simple yet effective and with the sturdy spikes you can be assured that the poles will stand in any weather.

These poles are great for teaching your dog to quickly jump higher and higher.

3 JesseJump beginners dog agility training starter kit.

jessejumpJesseJump starter kit comprises of- Jessejump stick in the ground weave set consisting of 6 training weave poles, 2 sliding jumps, which can be set at any height between 50-750mm, finally a training hoop which can be adjusted to any height. The offical kennel club heights are listed on the instructions. All poles are made from maintenance free, impact resistant UPVC.

This kit is the most popular on Amazon and is made to last.  The hoop and weave poles are great fun and once your dog is fully trained, the sense of achievement is the greatest.

More suitable for medium sized dogs, unless you lower the hoop, this kit is amazing.

4 Pawhut New Dog Pet Training


This SeeSaw is made from high quality Fir wood and is covered with High quality Non-slip asphalt felt.
The SeeSaw is easy and quick to assemble and is approx L118 x W13.4 x H21.3inch.
This is great agility equipment for your dog/pet and ensures balance and precision within your dog.

This see – saw is great for teaching your dog balance and awareness.  Your dog may struggle at first as soon as the see saw moves, it can startle your dog.  After several attempts, your dog will quickly understand what is happening and be fully aware of what to do.

This helps when on walks, your dog will learn to check unstead surfaces before heading into the unknown.  Plus when your dog isnt using, your kids can have hours of fun.

5 TecTake XXL agility tunnel dog training

tunnelThis tunnel is fantastic value for money.  Not only is it great for your pets agility training but is also great fun for kids and adults.  Kids and Dogs will love this and have hours of fun crawling in and out.

With the tunnels bright colours that are available, kids and dogs will quickly find this a great attraction.  Plus if you are wanting to increase your dogs speed, this tunnel is for you.

Great piece of equipment and simple to store.  Can be used in or outdoors and again, if you have kids, they too can have hours of fun in this.

Ralph loves his tunnel and our son has taught him to get through it as he is always crawling through and Ralph copies him.

What Are The Benefits of Dog Agility Equipment?

Here are the four main benefits of agility training why you shouldany of the dog agility equipment available

1. Agility will fulfill your dog’s natural instincts

Dogs natural instincts involve jumping over fallen logs, climbing up steep slopes, and squeezing through bushes and vegetation. Agility courses are designed to mimic these types of natural scenarios and fulfill the hunting and chasing desires of your dog.

2. Agility is great exercise

Agility is a great way to get rid of your dog’s excess energy. Running through a course that involves passing over and through a variety of obstacles will challenge your dog’s mind and body. Involving your dog in agility will help to strengthen his muscles, improve coordination, keep him fit, and increase endurance.

3. Agility will help you get in shape, too!

As the handler, you will be running alongside your dog and assisting him with soaring over jumps, weaving through poles and crawling out of collapsed tunnels.

4. Agility helps strengthen the bond

Agility courses are set up so that dogs would not be able to complete them without the help of the handler. As the dog must rely on the verbal and hand instructions from the handler in order to navigate the course, increasing trust. Helping your dog to pass through agility obstacles will improve dog/owner communication and ultimately help to improve your dog’s behavior outside of the agility course.

The final thing is not to be embarassed. Dog agility training has to start somewhere and not every dog or owner can become an expert instantly.  Enjoy it, get involved and give everything you have got to enjoy your experience.  Being a beginner is not embarassing, it is merely where we all start.

Check out this short video that will show you what you can achieve, even as a beginner;

There are also a wide range of books / magazines available for Dog Agility and Obedience Training.

Check them out by Clicking Here





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