9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car Hammocks

Like many dog owners, taking your dog on a journey in the car is part of every day life.  But, some dogs can have a small fear of the car and become travel sick or anxious.  In any scenario, owning one of the best dog rear car seat covers or a dog car hammock will help you protect your car seats.  Most of the car seat covers also protect your door panels from scratches too.  Whilst we review the best dog rear car seat covers we will explain the different types of covers available too.  We will also provide you the best dog car hammocks available to help you choose wisely.

ImageProductDescriptionPriceBuy Now
9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car HammocksAMZPET Car Seat CoverLuxory Style Car Seat Covers at Great prices£
9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car Hammocks4Knines Waterproof Non-Slip Cover with HammockBest Car Seat Cover and Hammock for comfort and durability£££££
9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car HammocksPlush Paws Dog Seat CoverAnother amazing car seat cover and hammock for the rear of your car££££
9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car HammocksPetego Car ProtectorExtremely Comfortable rear car seat cover for your dog££££
9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car HammocksNAC&ZAC Deluxe Pet Seat CoverComfortable and Waterproof car seat cover that helps your dog relax on a long journey£££
9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car HammocksAmazonBasics Waterproof Car Seat CoverCheaper than All the dog seat covers£
9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car Hammocks4Knines Fitted Non-Slip Cover4Knines is back with an amazing front seat cover. Stylish and comfortable.£££££
9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car HammocksBarksBar Seat CoverGreat Price, Non Slip and Waterproof front seat cover.£££
9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car HammocksNAC&ZAC Waterproof Dog Car Door CoverNAC&ZAC are undeniably the best dog car door covers available.££

Quick Picks

Some people like to quickly pick the best products without any considerations and thought OR without reading a lot of information that tells them, “This is the BEST.” So, below is a quick selection of the BEST Dog Car Hammocks and BEST Dog Rear Car Seat Covers:

Best Dog Car Hammock Cover

Covering the back seat of the car with a high quality, comfortable dog hammock the 4Knines Dog Car Hammock Waterproof Cover is amazing.  This protector keeps your car neat and tidy but also provide a comfortable place to lie down.

Best Front Seat Dog Cover

Driving your car with the dog in the front seat is not recommended, but is not illegal.  They can be some what of a distraction, especially if your dog becomes a little hyper in the car.  The 4Knines Fitted Seat Cover will protect your seats and again provide extreme comfort for your dog.  Most dogs also love riding ‘shotgun’ with their owners.

Best Dog Car Door Cover

Finding a great protector for your door interiors can be very difficult.  Some of the cheaper car door covers can easily rip and tear which then causes scratches to the cars interior.  Owning a Krunco Waterproof Dog Car Door Cover by NAC&ZAC will really help keep your car interior, whether plastic, leather or material looking fresh and free from scuffs and scratches.

Whilst the above is a quick guide to what best products are available.  Read on for more details on the best dog rear car seat covers and hammocks.

What Car Seat Cover Should I Choose?

Choosing a car seat cover to comfort your dog can become expensive, especially if you are buying cheaper ones that can rip easily.  Mostly you should choose a cover depending on how your dog likes to travel or how you want to transport your dog.  You should also choose a cover that will support short and long journeys.

Some dogs love to just relax in the car and will just sit in the back which can just require a blanket.  If your dog is like Ralph though, a blanket may get chewed up and become useless. Blankets will not protect your car interior especially if your dog likes to jump about or fidget or even look out the window.

Seat Covers can offer comfort for your dog which is great however the main use of any dog rear car seat cover OR hammock is to protect all of your car from any scratching, scuffing or damage.

Owning any high quality dog rear car seat covers will protect your car seats from scratches, rips and damage but also provides a great place of comfort on your journey.  Owning a smaller dog like Ralph, we don’t need to get a full cover however for a larger dog the a full over (where possibl) is a great idea for maximum protection.  Most full covers also come with a ‘hammock’ style support also making this doubly protective as the back of your front seats then become protected.

Front seat covers allow protection of the passenger seat whilst your pooch is riding shotgun.  Ideal for smaller and medium sized dogs that fit nicely into the passenger seat.  Giving them this additional comfort will ensure they stay still and don’t distract you while driving.  Dogs who do distract you while driving should be simple placed in the back of the car.

Dog Car Door Covers do just that, protect your car doors.  Dogs that like to chew, scratch or even just move about a lot tend to scratch the side of the car.  Also when they try to look out the window.  Purchasing a door cover can really help protect against some of those annoying, ugly looking, scratch marks that can be expensive to get repair.

Now, let’s take a look at the best dog rear car seat covers and dog car hammocks that can help you look after your dogs’ comfort on any car journey.

Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Hammocks

1 AMZPET Car Seat Covers9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car Hammocks

Absolutely Amazing – this is what I have to say about the AMZPET car Seat Cover.

Not only is the cover made from absolutel brilliant quality materials but the whole product and company is fantastic.

From scratch resistant material to superb quality high sides to protect your car.  The PVC Coating on the top allowas for the simplest of cleans with just a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Complete with a 1 year warrant and 24/7 support, the AMZPET Car Seat Covers are truely fantastic.

The cover is extremely simple to fit and can be done in just seconds / under 2 minutes.  Non Slip, very secure and superb value for money.

I cannot fault AMZPET car seat covers at all.

We have ranked #1 due to price, quality and overall customer service from AMZPET.

Check out our full review here

2 4Knines Waterproof Non-Slip Cover with HammockBEST DOG REAR CAR SEAT COVER 4KNINES

When reviewing the best dog rear car seat covers it was difficult not to stay away from the 4Knines Cover and Hammock.  This car seat cover does everything.  Providing a large amount of protection as it covers the whole of the back seat.  It is also extremely well made so it looks great in the back of any car as it is quilted.

Having a non-slip rubber backing helps support a lively dog as it will prevent the cover from slipping down the seat.

The thickness of the cover ensures that your dog is extremely comfortable and helps calm the most anxious of dogs.  You will also find that the 4Knines cover will protect almost any back seat of any vehicle.  There are several sizes to choose from but the Extra-Large version goes up too more than 60 inches long allowing for much larger coverage and protection.

Very simple to install and remove with the quick release buckles you can take the cover our and lean if necessary.

This is by far the best dog rear car seat cover we have found as it ticks all the boxes that your dog needs PLUS it converts into a hammock as well


Easy to Use
Fits any Car
High quality Materials
Extremely Comfortable


Can be very Large
More Expensive than Other Covers

3 Plush Paws Dog Seat Coverplush paws best rear dog ceat car cover

Another great rear car seat cover designed for larger dogs is the Plush Paws Cover.  Like the 4Knines the car cover is made from a well quilted, padded material and has a non slip backing to prevent the cover sliding around whilst in transit.

Plush Paws have designed this cover more for larger dogs so it has been made extremely tough to help withstand dogs that don’t fully like the car journey. It will also keep your seats well protected from any damage your dog will try to cause.

Included with the Plush Paws are seatbelts to help keep your dog restrained on your journey.  The cover also converts into a full back seat hammock which will add additional protection to your car from scratches on the back of the front seats.

The silicone backing will reallyha help protect this cover when you are cleaning it as it is machine washable.  The backing helps keep the shape and by machine washing you know your getting a great clean and fresh wash each and every time.

Simple to install and remove with the side release buckles that make it quick and easy once you are finished.

If you own a large, strong, dog that enjoys being in the car then this is definitely the best dog reat car seat cover for you.  Be warned though, this does not fill the back seat of all cars so make sure you check the sizing first


Tought and Durable
Harnesses and Seat Belts for Dogs
Protects entire Seat Including Sides


Very Large
Expensive in Comparison


One of the cheaper, yet effective car covers is the Petego.  Although not as tough or as padded as the previous car covers, it does however do the job and blends in well with most car interiors.

Seat belt holes are also included which will allow a human to sit in the seat with the cover on.  This is great if you’re in a rush and have to take the dog and friends with you.  Or for a Vet trip to try and calm your dog.

The straps on the Petego are also simple to use and allow the cover to turn into a hammock with ease.

Although the Petego may not withstand chewing it is, however, waterproof and tough so for those in frequent car journeys with your dog, this is for you.


Simple to Fit and Durable
Seatbelt holes
Cleans easily


No Padding
Dogs that Chew will Ruin this



Not the most glamorous of looking car seat covers but the NAC&ZAC Deluxe is still a great fully waterproof rear car seat cover.

Made from a fleece like material the NAC&ZAC is waterproof and water resistant.  Preventing dog urine and drool from being absorbed making the car journey uncomfortable.  Your dog does also have complete comfort when lay on the NAC&ZAC Deluxe.

Quick release buckles will help you install the cover easily by attaching around the head posts.  This system helps install and remove quickly without any hassle.  Also included is a seatbelt lead attachment which will help keep your dog on the seat whilst you’re driving.

And finally, the bottom of the cover includes some non-slip buttons / dots that stops the cover sliding around the car when you are driving.  These are great for keeping your dog comfortable and safe at all times.


100% Waterproof
Extremely Comfortable
Dog Seat Belt Provided


Not Great Looking
With Quality Comes Price

6 AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Seat Cover9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car Hammocks

AmazonBasics Car Seat cover is a simple and effective cover that will be a great purchase for someone looking for minimal use.  The AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Seat Cover still has good quality but lacks functionality however, the price being half of the above car seat covers it will still do a good job.

Being 100% polyester, the AmazonBasics is fairly water proof and strong but if you dog is accident prone, then it may not fair too well.  If you also have a dirty dog or go on forrest walks then this can require too much cleaning and become a hassle.

Attaching the cover is not as simple as the other covers but it will allow a nice tight fit in smaller cars if you needed to customize it a little bit more.  You may also want to keep your car permanently protected and this is great for just leaving in the car rather than spending time removing it.

The AmazonBasics does not have a Hammock style attachment so it will just protect your back seats.


Cheaper than Any
Waterproof Polyester
Whereever the cover sits, you will be protected


Like a Bench Cover
Do NOT Machine Wash

Best Dog Front Seat Car Covers

It is not always recommended to ride with your dog upfront however, if you choose to do so, there are front seat car covers that will protect your car.  Not all dogs are suited to sit up front, calmer, smaller dogs are ok and if you choose to let them ride up front with you, then these are the covers for you.

1 4Knines Fitted Non-Slip CoverBEST DOG FRONT SEAT CAR COVERS

4Knines have provided us with the best dog rear car seat cover and hammock and now, the front seat cover.  Quality, comfortable and durable, the 4Knines seat cover is a great product that your dog will enjoy.  Also available in 3 colours to help you match your car interior.

4Knines have tried to ensure this seat caters for most cars and provides cover up to 21inches wide.  With the addition of being waterproof you cannot go wrong.

The material is padded and provides extra comfort and durability to allow for claws and drool not to cause much effect.  It can also be used for a passenger to travel when your dog is not present as the padding provides extra comfort.  It is easy to clean so no need to worry about sitting on it and being cover in dog hair, wee or even sick as a simple wipe will ensure its Safe and clean to sit on.


Top Quality Material
Simple to Install
Easy to Clean


High Price
Does not Fit Every Car

2 BarksBar  Seat Coverbest front seat dog car seat cover

Keeping to the theme of the best dog front car seat covers we have come across the BarksBar.  This car seat cover is cheaper than the 4Knines and will ensure you get your moneys worth.

Great comfort and protection is provided by the BarksBar as the material is made from high quality polyester which is also quilted.  Waterproof and simple to install, you will be able to protect your car seats simply and with little hassle to your dog.

Like most of the best front and rear car seat covers, the BarksBar has a non-slip backing to help keep the cover in one place when in use.  Furthermore, the cover is machine washable, so you will never need to worry about replacing if you clean well and correctly.


Very Good Price
Non Slip Back


Not as Padded as Others
Only in Black


Summary Best Dog Front Car Seat Covers

Allowing your dog to ride in the front of the car is not recommended however you should still make sure they are safe.  Dogs can be a huge distraction in the car when you are driving so comfort and safety is priority.  The two covers provided above will ensure just that as well as keeping your dog happy on their journey.  Choosing between the two will all come down to your budget.

Best Dog Car Door Covers

Dogs travelling in your car will always try to look out the window and watch the world go by whilst your drive.  What this does mean is while your dog is jumping up at the window, they are scratching the surface of the doors.  Dog drool, scratches and sometimes chewing will start to take its toll on the door.

Car covers are a great innovative idea and thankfully car door covers are also available to help protect your door interior.

1 NAC&ZAC Waterproof Dog Car Door Cover9 of the Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Dog Car Hammocks

NAC&ZAC are undeniably the best dog car door covers available.  Made with a special waterproof material to help protect your doors from drool and incoming rain water.  They are also made from a microsuede that will be soft to touch and protect paws.

With two different colours, black and grey, they should cater for all cars interior.  By fiting these, you will start to wonder why you never got them straight away as they protect so well, scratch marks and drool will no longer exist.  Your dog will also be able to comfortably look out the window.

Several Velcro straps will attach to the cars interior and should you need to clean them, a simple wet cloth will easily wipe away the dirt.  What’s more impressive is the simple design will not interfere with the windows so they still remain usable.


Velcro Attachment
Durable and WAterproof
Lifetime Warranty


More Expensive than Other Models

What Should I Look For?

Depending on what type of cover you need for you car depends on what you need to look for.  The above selection is there to help you decide what parts of your car to cover.  Some people will try and cover all areas of the car and buy everything.  Other dog owners who have a really good trained dog will just buy a door cover.  Before making any kind of decision, it is always worth taking into consideration what you need to protect and why?

Materials – When purchasing any car cover the material should be a top priority.  All dogs are different and will lie down on anything but should you have a cover that is uncomfortable you will make the car journey painful and tiring for you both.  Also being able to clean the cover easily and quickly is another key fundamental.  Being unable to clean quickly can be frustrating especially on shorter journeys.

Water Resistant – Every pet cover you buy should be waterproof and water resistant.  If its not then you will start to spend more and more money on replacing the covers.  Dog wee and drool will happen and sometimes dog sick which will need to be clean easily to prevent smelling.  If your dog is already comfortable in the car then these covers are not suitable.

Installation – Being able to take the cover out and put back in with ease is something you should always check.  Putting a dog in the car can take sometime especially if your spending longer than needed to install the cover.  Most of the reviewed above have a simple installation buckle that takes seconds to install so your dog will be ready in no time.

Cost – Always stick to your budget when it comes to buying anything especially when purchase a car seat cover.  We have provided a list of covers that should fit any budget and car so you don’t have to worry about re-purchasing in the future.


Cleaning your car can become a weekly chore if you take your dog out regularly without a car cover.  Owning one of the best dog rear car seat covers, hammocks or door covers will reduce the need to clean the car.  These car covers reviewed above will not only fully protect your interior, but they will also protect you and your dog as the comfort and style will ensure your dog is safe and comfortable on every journey.

Don’t waste much time thinking which one do you want to buy, the above are the best on the market so buy one, fit it and then get your dong in the car.  The quicker they are used to it, the quicker they will enjoy being in the car.

With any dog and dog journey, you should protect your car and seats.  Second to that your dogs protection and comfort is also just as important as your own so any of the above dog rear car seat covers will take care of that.  With the right cover you will be able to look after your car and your dog whilst protecting all the upholstery and doors.  Plus, cleaning up after your dog will be much simpler too.

Our best choice by a country mile is the 4Knines as its is undoubtedly the best product on the market to protect your car by keeping the materials in pristine shape.

Keeping your doors just as protected as your seats is important too.  NAC&ZAC have produced such an amazing product that we don’t need to review any others.  The high quality door cover will protect your car from everything that is thrown at it so you don’t have to worry about any interior damage at all.  You and your dog can relax and enjoy the car journey each and everytime without worry about interior damage.