5 Best Dog Toothpastes – Buyer’s Guide

Doggie Products5 Best Dog Toothpastes - Buyer's Guide
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If a dog is not getting the required amount of dental care, it can develop symptoms like mild plaque and tartar and later causes pain and tooth decay. A good toothpaste can keep them away from the vet and saves you a lot of medical bills. Brushing the teeth with good dog toothpastes is a must and you can find toothpaste at an affordable price.

​Cleaning your doggie’s teeth might not be something you have thought of before or maybe something you didn’t know even existed. Many people buy Dentastix, which sometimes isn’t enough in many cases. The best dog toothpaste is something that will be more beneficial.

Dogs’ teeth go through all sorts of traumas, from biting feet to dog biscuits and meat. Gravy and Jelly cause regular stains in the teeth and bad breath if not looked after properly. This can then cause tooth decay and huge vet bills. This is where the best dog toothpaste can help.

If, in the past, you have attempted to clean your dog’s teeth, you will have noticed how difficult it was and given up. Introducing the toothbrush and toothpaste slowly is all part of the training. Manufacturers of the best dog toothpaste have tried to help by making the toothpaste tasty for our dogs. Making them eager to try it. Initially, they will want to eat it all, but they will realise and feel the benefits themselves over time. Clean Teeth means more love. After all, who wants bad breath from a dog all over them.

Before running through the list of best dog toothpaste, I want to quickly run through the best way to clean your dog’s teeth and the steps required to do so.

  • Let’s your dog lick the toothpaste from your finger
  • You will need to lift your dog’s lips, practise this regular
  • Once at this step, dab toothpaste onto your dog’s teeth
  • Move onto a toothbrush and let your dog lick off the paste again
  • Initially, rub the brush over your dog’s teeth gently, so they get used to the feel
  • Each time you try this, add a couple more teeth to clean

Before you know it, your dog will be having their full mouth cleaned and have fresh breath and clean teeth. One point to note does not use Human Toothpaste. This can be harmful to your dog.

Now let’s take a look at the best dog toothpaste to keep your doggie breath fresh and those teeth nice and clean.

Best Dog Toothpastes – Fresh Breath, Clean Teeth

1 Beaphar Dental Hygiene Kitbeaphar best dog toothpaste

First up of our best dog toothpaste is the Beaphar No-Nonsense Toothpaste and Toothbrush kit. This dog toothpaste has anti-plaque properties that vets recommend all over for Dogs (this is not suitable for cats)

This dog toothpaste has mixed opinions with dogs. The toothpaste has a strong liver flavour which, like marmite, some dogs love it, and some dogs hate it. It is a positive step for dogs that love toothpaste to fight plaque and decay by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly, and Beaphar toothpaste is a big step to preventing doggie gum disease.

The price is very reasonable and is a highly recommended product by vets. If you want to try something different, then the Beaphar Toothpaste and Toothbrush kit is worth giving a go.


  • Recommended by vets
  • Regular use will help prevent plaque


  • The liver flavour is hit and miss with dogs

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2 CEVA Logic Hygiene Gelbest dog toothpaste by CEVA

next up and our best dog toothpaste is the CEVA Logic Hygiene Gel that is a Multi Enzyme gel toothpaste suitable for cats and dogs.  Being slightly different to other toothpastes in that it isn’t really a toothpaste.  Being a Hygiene Gel the formula ensures that it is long lasting on your dog by sticking to your dog’s teeth much longer than ordinary toothpastes.

To become one of the best dog toothpaste, it needs to have something special included. CEVA logic makes it more difficult for bacteria to grow by manipulating saliva. Because of this, bacteria will find it more difficult to develop, which then prevents it from turning into plaque on the teeth and gums.

Customers who have purchased the CEVA logic hygiene gel are overwhelmed by the gel results and how quickly it has worked. Although not the cheapest on the market, overall, it has given the best results for your dog’s teeth and breath.


  • The gel sticks to teeth much longer for a longer protection
  • Battles bacteria and prevents plaque whilst manipulating saliva


  • Is a little more expensive than other dog toothpastes

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3 Arm & Hammer Beef Toothbrush and Toothpastebest dog toothpaste and brush

Third, our Best Dog Toothpaste review is the Arm and Hammer Tartar control toothpaste. Arm and Hammer have been around for 150 years and continue to make the best-selling dog toothpaste. Their toothpaste contains baking soda and a beef flavouring that dogs absolutely love.

Baking soda in human and dog toothpaste has massive benefits. The baking soda gently fizzes on the gums, which helps better clean deep into the teeth and gum areas. Baking soda is also a key ingredient for fighting bad breath and plaque.

Vets recommend arm and Hammer toothpaste due to the enzymatic action included with this best dog toothpaste.

Overall, dog toothpaste is only great if used regularly. If your dog’s teeth are extremely bad, you may need a vet visit initially. With any of the best dog toothpaste, a heavy build-up of tartar and plaque will be difficult to remove. Continuous use of the best dog toothpaste will help keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy, and the beef flavoured paste makes things easier for you to clean.


  • Beef Flavour for great tasting paste
  • Helps keep healthy teeth and gums
  • Baking soda included


  • Will not clean extreme plaque or tartar, but none of the best dog toothpaste will

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4 Petosanpetosan best dog toothpaste

A Brand New and very effective dog toothpaste developed by dentists and vets to ensure a relevant and amazing toothpaste for dogs is produced.   This great-tasting toothpaste comes complete with double-headed brushes to help reach the more difficult places when cleaning your dog’s teeth.

Petosan have ensured that the dog toothpaste they have produced is good enough for your dog to eat, making it even easier to clean your dog’s teeth. Included in this great toothpaste is a formula designed to clean away plaque and tartar whilst freshening your dog’s breath. The tube is also kept clean as the paste is not too thick or thin and stays on the brush nicely.

This is one of the newer dog toothpaste on the market, and doesn’t be surprised if soon this becomes one of the biggest selling dog toothpaste on the market.

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5 Virbac Toothpaste for Dogsbest dog toothpaste virbac

Virbac Toothpaste is our fifth and final best dog toothpaste. This enzymatic toothpaste is used and trusted by vets to help fight plaque and tartar. Helping reduce expensive vet costs and

Vets stock another enzymatic product as a tried and trusted product for removing plaque. This paste does not include the seal of approval from VOHC; however, the product is a fantastic plaque remover that uses enzymes and prevents the build-up of plaque and bacteria.

Virbac does reduce some of the more difficult plaque build-ups in dogs’ teeth by breaking it down, and reviews of the product have been great so far. Some users have noticed that dogs who previously did not like their teeth being cleaned quickly take to Virbac. This could be down to the chicken flavour.   Eventually, your dog will allow you to clean every tooth.

The price is a huge disadvantage of the Virbac dog toothpaste but is still less costly than a trip to the vets.

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How to Choose the Best Dog Toothpaste

Not all of the best dog toothpaste is the same. This is a mistake then many dog owners make. Choosing the right dog toothpaste is key to ensuring your dog’s dental health is kept up. With dental hygiene in dogs, you get what you pay for. Purchasing cheaper dog toothpaste will only give you more problems in the long run. Not purchasing dog toothpaste will be an issue.

One of the key factors to cleaning your dog’s teeth is to ensure that foods are removed from the dog’s teeth with the brushing technique. The more expensive dog toothpaste provides a much healthier clean to your dog. They last longer than cheaper toothpaste and continue to work in the dog’s mouth.   This helps break up plaque and other nastiness in the dog’s mouth.

Choosing the best dog toothpaste at a reasonable price is much more difficult, especially when there are so many to choose from. Dog Toothpaste should always contain an enzymatic action and a flavour that your dog will take.   Other elements should include clinical benefits to breaking down plaque, and toothpaste that continues brushing even when you have finished brushing will always be one of the best.

Whichever dog toothpaste you choose for your dog, one they enjoy and one that requires little brushing. If your dog toothpaste works beyond brushing, then you are a winner. Cheaper toothpaste will help freshen your dog’s breath but will not come with all the additional components that a more expensive paste will.

Give your dog something to smile about and have that sparkly smile they deserve

Cleaning your dog’s toothpaste will keep your vet off your back. Some of the ready-made dog toothpaste can be expensive. We have some simple ingredients to help you make your homemade dog toothpaste. Understanding what is in dog toothpaste can take a lot of time. Ingredients, chemicals, and all sorts of other rubbish can form a simple toothpaste that some might see as harmful.

Ingredients needed to make your homemade dog toothpaste can be growing in your garden already. Saving yourself up to £20 for a toothpaste (a month), you will be wondering why you haven’t already made your own.

Quick and Simple Guide – Make Your Dog Toothpaste

Below are the easiest instructions we can put together for you. Many of the ingredients are day to day ingredients that you potentially have already. The rest are something you may need to go and buy. Homegrown herbs are a great way of increasing the flavour. Mint / Parsley are amazing for adding additional flavours and getting your dog’s breath much fresher.


  • Coconut Oil: 1/4 Cup
  • Baking Soda: 3 tbsp
  • Fine Sea Salt: 1/2 tsp
  • Cinnamon: 1/2 tsp
  • If you wish to add additional flavours: 6 sprigs of Parsley or six mint leaves (make sure mint leaves have been processed)
  • For the ULTIMATE Flavour, add ½ tsp of:
    • Chicken Bullion,
    • Beef Bullion, or
    • Vegetable Bullion

Mix all the ingredients and allow them to sit for at least 1 hour. This will make them all form together like a paste. If you add MINT or Parsley, make sure they have been put through your processor. This will make sure they are completely broken down. When you mix with your ingredients, don’t panic. Your paste will go green. This is just the mint and parsley, but the paste will taste AMAZING! When adding the beef/ chicken or Vegetable bullion, make sure they are broken down to powder form. Mix well with your ingredients and leave to form a paste.

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