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Why is your puppy’s cupboard so empty? Whether it is an occasion, vacation or hanging out, it is time to give your doggy a new cool look. Here we have shortlisted 10 cool and fancy coats for your pupper. This festive season get your puppy a stylish coat and rock the floor together! A major paradigm shift has taken place in the last decade, both psychologically and commercially. Pets have always been a part of our family, but the commercialisation of pets is recent, which is undoubtedly great for both pets and pet owners. Treating your dog as one of your family members means taking care of their every little need and wish. Although everything might not be necessary, if something brings joy, what is wrong with having that?

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From getting your pup a toy to getting him a dog walk coat, all we do is to see their happy face. You have a wardrobe full of fancy dresses, but what about your puppy? Have you ever dressed him nice? Maybe not! But your doggy would definitely love to have a fancy look. So this festive season, do not just shop for yourself and other humans; gift your puppy something nice and cool to wear! How about a new ankle dog coat? There are over thousands of types of dog coats available in the market for various purposes, such as raincoats, walking coats, towels and cool coats for dogs.

10 Cool Dog Coat on Amazon You Must Know

  1. IREENUO Reflective Waterproof Dog Coat
    IREENUO presents dog walking coats for small and medium dogs. Initially, the product is available in black and red shades and medium size only. It is 100% waterproof and comes with reflective safety stripes that will help you locate your puppy in the dark. Plus, if you are looking for a coat cum sweater for your puppy, this is the choice since it is a warm dog jacket with fleece lining for winter.
  2. Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat
    Ancol muddy paws dog coat is an ideal fancy dog coat for your paw friend. The coat is available in chocolatey brown and large and extra-large sizes. The fitting is too good for the extra straps. If you have a big doggy, this is the ideal coat. The brown storm guard coat will add five more stars to their look.
  3. Olive Green Quilted Waterproof Dog Coat
    This Amazon's Choice product is a quilted dog coat for your young puppy. The coat is available in soothing olive green shade and medium size. It is an all in one dog coat with a corduroy collar and adjustable straps. This product is showerproof and waterproof, plus available with soft and warm lining inside, making it ideal for winter coats.
  4. Kurgo Loft Dog Winter Coat cum Jacket
    Kurgo Loft is a popular and trustworthy brand for making cool dog coats. Now they are presenting a waterproof winter coat cum jacket. It is reversible, which means your pupper will have two coats while you would pay for just one! Initially, the coat is available in blue and orange and large and extra-large sizes.
  5. Withu Dog Winter Coat
    Withu dog puffer coat is a fancy winter coat for your doggy. The soft fleece lining on the inside will keep your puppy away from cold. The product is available in crimson red now. Whether your pup is small or a large doggy, this winter coat will fit them perfectly. Currently available on Amazon in large, medium and small sizes.
  6. KoKoBin Dog Raincoat with Hood
    KoKoBin Dog Raincoat UK is a trustworthy brand for manufacturing quality dog raincoats. The raincoat is lightweight and available in cherry red colour. The 100% waterproof raincoat and the attached hood save your dog from getting drenched in the rain. This monsoon, get your dog a raincoat and have a little rainy walk with him.
  7. Posecs Waterproof Dog Winter Coat cum Jacket
    This is a dog drying coat, ideal for winter. The product is available in a purple shade, with black straps. It covers the entire body of your pupper, except the head. The product is available with a soft and warm lining inside. And it is ideal for small and young puppies, for it is available in medium and small sizes only.
  8. IDEPET Dog Waterproof Winter Coat
    IDEPET has brought you a dog coat for winter. It is a comfy winter jacket cum coat, available in black and pink. The black and pink dog coats are available with fully adjustable straps. Also, the winter coat is very flexible with size; it comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.
  9. Poseca Padded Puffer Winter Coat for Dogs
    Poseca presents a dog puffer coat with a harness. This is a softly padded winter jacket cum coat for your puppy. For excellent fitting, the product comes with adjustable straps. The product is available in small, medium and large sizes and will be delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours from ordering.
  10. Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat
    Ruff and Tumble presents their classic collection of dog drying coats range. Initially, the product was available in purple and indigo shades with adjustable straps. It is an ideal all-season coat for your pupper, and it is available in small, medium and large sizes.


We hope your dog would like the outfits we have shortlisted for him. Before purchasing one, please go through the product description carefully to be sure that it will serve your purpose. I would personally suggest getting your puppy an all in one dog coat or a reversible one since they will not use the coat as regularly as humans. However, do not forget to share your valuable feedback with us! Have a nice day!

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