Best Portable Paw Cleaners and Accessories for Super Clean Paws

Getting your doggie to wear dog boots, and keep them on, isn’t that easy.  Dogs love being outside and if, like Rupert, they love running in the mud they will quickly tread it through your house. Dogs do not care about a dirty home.  The dirtier the better.  Sometimes catching your dog before they enter your house can be difficult.  Showering / bathing your doggie paws can also be difficult without the right tools to hand.  That’s where a portable paw cleaner comes in very handy.

What a great tool for your doggie and getting paws clean.  Normal cleaning can be difficult and not always get the paws or pads clean.  The portable paw cleaners not only clean your paws better than any scrubbers could but they also get into those hard to reach places.  In between toes and stuck in fur, mud and germs gets everywhere.  Cleaning doggies paws well is strongly advised my veterinary professionals.  Dirty dog paws can be not only harmful to your doggie but also to small children / toddlers that like to crawl around on the floor.  Having a decent paw washer will help your and your family remain clean and protected from harmful bacteria.  Cleaning your dogs paws on a grooming table is also another way of ensuring your doggie is safe and getting a good clean.

Portable Paw Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

It’s a well known fact that dogs prefer to be outdoors and a lot of dogs love to get dirty.  Keeping your doggies out of your house after a dirty walk can be quite difficult.  Having a portable paw cleaner is a great way of cleaning your doggie before they enter your house.  We tend to use a towel and a paw cleaner before getting back in the car and then again before entering the house.  This ensures when Ralph & Rupert come in the house there’s no dirt getting run through the carpets.

Ensuring your carpets and furniture remains clean is a must for many or all dog owners.  Portable Paw Cleaners are a very quick and effective way of cleaning paws.  They also ensure that your doggies paws remain healthy.

Just What Are Portable Paw Cleaners?

Simply put, they are exactly that, a Paw Cleaner that is portable.  Taking these paw cleaners anywhere helps keep your personal belongings such as cars and homes clean.  Dogs getting dirty on walks is common but being able to clean your doggies paws before they return hoe is difficult. With a portable paw cleaner, you don’t need much space or time, just water.

Clean your doggies paws and your safe to put them back in your car for the journey home.  Also, once you have used the paw cleaner, you can simply empty the dirty water and no worries of water getting everywhere too.

Things to Look for When Buying a Portable Paw Cleaner

Durability and Comfortable:  The bristles in some brushes can be extremely uncomfortable for your doggie.  If the portable paw cleaner does not have soft bristles, don’t get it.  They must be soft and comfortable to ensure that your doggie is able to get fresh clean paws without any hassle and discomfort.  The cleaner should also feel like a massage not a scrub so make sure they are more silicone or rubber made.

Design:  Not only should your paw cleaner keep your dogs paws clean but it should also keep the dirt inside until you clean it.  Being made from silicone and rubber is also a must for additional comfort.  Training your doggie to use the cleaner initially that might cause more problems for you and less for them.  However, like anything with dogs, a little training will certainly help your doggies start to like the paw cleaner.  Cleaners with a handle are always much easier to use than without especially when your doggie has not used a paw cleaner before.

Lets take a look at them now.

Best Portable Paw Cleaners

1 Dexas MudBuster Portable Cleanerportable paw cleaner

Paw cleaners are such a simple device.  This simple little tube like cleaner, the Dexas MudBuster, is a 6x4inch tube cleaner.  How do you use it? Simple.  Add Water, insert paw and scrub / twist the tube.  This will clean your dog’s paw to a very high standard.  With superb silicone bristles inside, your dog’s paw is sure to get an amazing clean including between the toes.  Effectively removing all mud and other bits of dirt.

Being such a simple design it is also very easy to clean.  Simple rinse with warm water and give it a good swill.  Voila.  Clean and ready to use again and again.  This cleaner is growing in popularity and is waiting for a patent in the US to make this a one of a kind portable paw cleaner.


Easy Clean
Silicone Brushes
BPA Free
Easy to Use
Awaiting Patent

2 Paw PlungerBest Portable Paw Cleaners and Accessories for Super Clean Paws

Do not confuse this paw cleaner for anything else.  This is absolutely a portable paw cleaner.  This cleaner comes in three colours and sizes and are very simple to use.  Add warm water, insert your dogs paw and move the plunger up and down to clean your doggies paws.  This helps to keep your floors and furniture nice and clean as you can do this before getting home from your walk or on your doorstep before entering the house.

This paw plunger comes complete with a handle which helps make the whole process simple and less messy.  All the dirt is kept inside the plunger and not splattered everywhere.   Once finished, empty the dirty water out of the plunger and rinse with warm / hot water to clean.

The bristles inside and firm and ensure that your dogs paws are left clean and free of any mud / dirt.


Heacy duty but comfortable bristles
Complete with a easy to use handle
Comes in 3 colours and sizes
No Spillage after use
Smple to use

3 Doggie DipperBest Portable Paw Cleaners and Accessories for Super Clean Paws

Doggie Dipper is our 3rd choice and comes in a very cute paw shape.  Pawfectly fits around your doggies paw and scrubs all foot including between the toes.  One thing for certain, the doggie dipper leaves no space on tour doggies paw untouched.  The inside section is removable making it even easier to clean and dry.  Just use warm water and rinse it clean.

Cleaning your doggies paw is so much simpler with all of these portable paw cleaners.  The design of this makes it a perfect item for your doggie accessories whether in the car or in your home.  For a superb clean, the bristles inside are a perfect comfortable fit and feels just as good as a massage.

Another pawfect addition to the doggie dipper is the lid.  Simply place your doggies paw on the pad of the lid and your will be able to dry your paws too.


Multi Functional
Simple to clean
Very Easy to Use
Extremely convenient for you and your doggie
Soft Silicone Bristles for a great clean

4 Green Silicone Paw WasherBest Portable Paw Cleaners and Accessories for Super Clean Paws

Another very simple, very affective portable paw cleaner that comes complete with 2 additional gifts.  For the amazing price you get a perfect green silicone paw washer, some dog waste bags AND a perfect drying towel. To clean simply use hot water and rinse OR you could put into a dishwasher as the green silicone paw washer is dishwasher friendly.

Not only are the bristles for cleaning your doggies paws nice and soft but the towel for drying is even softer.  These nice little additions make this Paw Washer very popular especially at such a great price.


Additional Towel and waste bags
Very Affordable Price
Easy to Wash in the Dishwasher
Silicone material which is soft


In Summary: 

Each of the portable paw cleaners are appropriate for your dog but it’s a personal choice for you.   Our choice is the Dexas Mudbuster.  This is the most durable and best portable paw cleaner we have used and seen.  Getting the best clean for your doggies paws is a perfect way to keeping your doggie healthy and your home clean.  There are many more models and designs out there and by all means, please go ahead and research your own.  Choosing the right paw cleaner that’s affordable to you is your choice and all of the above are a great choice in their own rights.

Dog boots are also a great way of keeping your doggies paws nice and clean.  These are a great alternative if you don’t want the effort of cleaning them however, it’s the same effort gettings boots on.