Dog Joint Pains and Arthritis: Look no Further than CBD

As our pets get older, they become less agile. Arthritis and other joint pains become much more common. Seeing your pet go through this can be heart-breaking.

Although many supplements and medicines do help to combat such problems, the side effects can be awful too.

CBD is growing in popularity and research is proving more and more beneficial to humans and pets. Although it is not known whether CBD can cure cancers and arthritis, it has been proven to slow down.

Understanding what causes arthritis is a great place to start as this can immediately help you prevent it in your dogs earlier years. Then we will start to look at the benefits of CBD including no side effects.

arthritis in Dogs: CBD Benefits

What Are the Benefits of CBD for my Dog(s)?

Now, there are many myths about CBD but for every myth there are thousands of positives. Lets start with the myth; CBD Oils / Treats will not get your dog or yourself high! There is zero percent chance as CBD oils and treats for dogs are a non psychoactive.

Now the facts. What do we know? Well, research tells us that it has been proven to reduce pain and work as a great anti inflammatory. Both are great for dogs that are suffering with arthritis. CBD is extremely effective with joint pains.

CBD is harmless and easy to give to your dog. CBD Treats are a great and simple way to get your dog to take the medication. All tests of CBD have proven to not just reduce pain, but work as an anti-inflammatory in several areas of your dogs body including the brain and more importantly, the joints.

CBD Gels are also available that you can rub into your dogs joints to help with the pain too. These have also been tried and tested with some amazing results. After just 4 days, the tests shown a reduction in swelling and inflammation of the joints. It also acted as a great form of pain relief.

Pain relief can be very expensive and have little effect on your dogs pain. It can also wear off very quickly.
CBD Oils / Gels and Treats all have a greater pain relief helping you and your dog to support the management of the arthritis. Eventually reducing the inflammation and pain overall.

CBD continues to be researched around the world to identify other great ways of using it. CBD has also been tested on cancer patients in dogs and humans and shown some results but nothing proven to have cured the disease. Most people like CBD due to the pain relief results that ensure they can still continue to lead a normal life.

What are the Main Causes of Arthritis in Dogs?

One of the more common illnesses in dogs is Arthritis. It affects at least 1 in 4 dogs. That’s about 2.2k in the UK and approximately 22million across the US. The size of the problem is huge and finding a cure for Arthritis is a long way off.

Arthritis itself is a headline topic and groups over 100 different joint deficiencies and pains under the term “arthritis”. All of which act in very similar ways by cause stiff joints and pains in all the areas it touches.

Degenerative Joint Disorder is THE most common in dogs. Cartliage damage / tissue damage is the main reason for this. Dogs use their legs all the time and dependent on your dog, can have different effects.

Joints between bones get worn and start to feel sore. This pain becomes constant with walking and any kind of movement if not treated. With the pain in the joints becomes additional stiffness too. Dogs can really suffer after a lie down as the joints seize up and tighten.

Dogs can also get infection of the joints which also leads to tearing of the cartilage. This is even more painful and can cause dogs to be in that much pain, they wont even attempt to move.

There are a few things to look out for should you think your dog has arthiritis;

  1. The most common in Limping / Crying when walking. Always check feet, toes, and pads to make sure they have no sores first.
  2. Dogs walking very stiff or struggling to move. This stiffness is caused by the arthiritis not allowing the joints to move correctly.
  3. If your dog becomes slower than normal at getting up or moving around the house
  4. If your dog is normally an active dog, loves walking and playing and suddenly decides to not want to. This is a huge sign for you. You know your dog, when they start behaving differently, its obvious something is wrong.

Why has my Dog Put More Weight On?

When your dog is suffering with stiff joints or arthritis, the become much less active. They will slowly walk to their food. Happily, take treats out of your hand. Sleep a lot more than normal and generally seem lazy.

This is naturally going to put weight on your dog and its difficult to change this behaviour once they are set in their ways. If your dog has arthritis and starts to put on additional weight, this only adds to the pain and complications.

Keeping your dog exercised anyway possible will help keep the weight off. Also ensure they have a healthier diet if they are less active. Less treats, smaller portions of food. But remember, Do NOT starve your dog. Seek advice from a vet regarding dieting tips with a less active dog.

Safest Way to Treat My Dog: What Should I Consider?

CBD has grown in popularity over the years and is now accepted as a superb medicine for animals as well as humans.

Dogs, Cats and Humans all have an endocannabinoid system which works exactly the same way. This system inside our bodies helps the CBD react exactly the same way and in a much more positive way than normal medicines.

Although we all have the same systems, animals are much smaller than us so require a much small dosage. Otherwise you could end up making your dog sick.  Always check the labels on EVERY CBD product. Each one clearly specifies the amount of dosage to give your pet dependent on its size and weight.