6 Best Quality Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistles Guide

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If you’re a dog owner or trainer seeking an effective tool to communicate with your furry friend, you’re in the right place. Ultrasonic handheld dog whistles have gained popularity for their precision and versatility in training. In this guide, we will explore the top-rated options that stand out for their quality, functionality, and user satisfaction. Join us as we delve into the world of canine communication and discover the perfect ultrasonic handheld dog whistle to enhance your training experience.

Dogs love ultrasonic handheld dog whistles. It can be utilised in dog training. This whistle is used by qualified dog trainers to direct or instruct their charges. You can use this whistle to get your dog to quit barking needlessly at people or other objects. Additionally, using this is advised by veterinarians if you want to train your dog to behave in a particular way.

Their family’s companions are dogs. They take care of us, hold us, walk with us, and occasionally they even listen to us. Even still, they occasionally have a tendency to utterly disobey our orders and go anywhere they like, much like mischievous toddlers. Typically, a dog will bark at something if it wants to.

On occasion, you can stop them but some of the more difficult dogs, like Ralph and Rupert, will just bark and bark and bark and bark. Hope you get the point.

There are so many devices out there to help with constant barking.  Vibrating Dogs Collars, in-humane Shock Collars which we do not recommend, Anti Bark Devices and Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistles like PetGentle.

Finding the ultrasonic handheld dog whistle can be difficult with so many to choose from.  What we have found though is the classic methods of training are generally the good ones.  Standard dog whistles are still available and dogs respond to these also.  Looking for something much safer than a Shock Collar.   Ultrasonic Dog Whistles are a safe and perfect way of helping to train your dog to do anything, especially barking.

Without repeating ourselves and reviewing the PetGentle device again, we wanted to find 10 other suitable alternatives that provided great results.

Below are our Top 10 Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistle devices to help you train your dog and reduce excessive barking.

Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistles – Buyers Guide

How long do you wait before buying an Anti Bark device?  One of many questions dog owners asks themselves over time.  What you need to be aware of is these Anti-Bark Devices and Handheld Dog Whistles are 100% Safe so do not worry.  If you have a dog that likes to bark a lot then these are the most humane way of getting your dog to stop.

Do Not use Shock Collars as this is just a severe punishment that no dog should have to go through.  Training your dog is a key element of bringing your dog into your family.  Consistency training is key to its success.  If you do not keep your training until your doggie stops then your dog will only continue and cause you problems.

There are several topics that are common with dog owners that we want to cover.  Hopefully, this will answer the questions every dog owner has.

How does a Handheld Bark Anti Bark Device Work?

Who knew that owning such a small device could make a huge difference to your life?  Anti-Bark devices and Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistles are great training devices for a great price.  High pitched sounds are sent from the device to your doggie and cannot be heard by human ears (generally).

Emitting the sound for a small amount of time when your dog is barking will quickly distract them from their bad behaviour. This won’t be an immediate response to this behaviour but over time with the constant training, your doggie(s) will stop barking unnecessarily.

Having an automatic Anti Bark Device is great especially when you’re not at home.  Stopping your dog barking at all times is great so you don’t annoy the neighbours when you’re not home.  Problem is, some dogs are smart and can tell if your device has been turned off.  Having a handheld bark device will help keep you in control when you’re home.  This helps keep your doggie in control and unaware of the availability of the device.

What do Handheld Bark Devices Look and Feel like?

Many Anti Bark Devices look awful.  Whether used indoors or outdoors, they do not look great.  However, you can get some smaller devices that can be hidden away with the remote controls OR some outdoor ones that look like bird boxes.  All our handheld devices will fit nicely hidden away with the remote controls.  Then once you take them outside, you can hide them away in your pocket.


Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistles are 100% safe. The high pitched sound can only be heard by pets and is completely safe to their ears. The device will only distract them from their bad behaviours once you trigger the device.

The health and safety of your own sanity is key to owning one of these devices.  If you don’t, your dogs bad barking behaviour will just continue and only get worse.  Using the device regularly will help control your dogs barking and still remain safe for all in the household.

Top 6 Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistles

1 PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark RemotePetSafe ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistles

PetSafe is a brand we have reviewed pretty regularly on our site and here we are again.  The PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent is another fine product by PetSafe.

This is,m in our opinion the Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistle for all dog owners.  Not only is it a great affordable price, but it is super effective when training your dog.

PetSafe offers a wide range of doggie products and provides a superb level of customer service.  They are always friendly and happy to help with any product you own of theirs and the 24/7 helpline shows just how much they value customers.

On top of the amazing service is the returns process and PetSafe is happy to take customer returns where the product is not suitable for you or your doggie.  Another reason why we trust and value PetSafe in the doggie market.

Let’s take a further look into the PetSafe Ultrasonic Device.

As with most Handheld Devices, the PetSafe is no different.  It holds like a remote control for your TV and is comfortable.  The device is a simple point and press but comes with a very clear instruction on the top to ensure it is used correctly.

Using the device is fine for dogs especially when they are over 6 months old as younger dogs can become fearful of such noises and cause more problems in the future.  Always use the remote responsibly and for the behaviours, you want to stop.  Using this device inappropriately on your dog could result in worse behaviour than before.

Using the device is simple.  First, check the LED light to make sure the battery is full/empty.  Once the battery is full then select the Low-Level frequency on the device.  This will give you a good indication of your dogs hearing and reactions.  Using the device on high from the start could be damaging to your training.  Once on Low, when your dog barks unnecessarily then push the button to set off the ultrasonic sound.  If your doggie reacts, GREAT, don’t change the setting.  If after a few attempts they still don’t react, move to the medium setting.

Using the device is suitable for in or outdoors and can reach up to 30 feet away ensuring your doggie doesn’t wander too far.


  • Range up to 30 feet
  • Long Battery Life
  • 2 Different sounds for positive and negative behaviour


  • Does not work on all dogs

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2 Bark Silencer 2.0Bark Silencer 2.0 Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistle

There comes a point in a dog owners life where you just feel like you have had enough.  The constant barking becomes so annoying that it’s time to get up and do something about it.  Once that desperation stage kicks in then it’s time to look for the perfect device and the Bark Silencer 2.0 can be just that.  This small handheld device fits perfectly in your hand or pocket and will provide just enough sound to stop your doggie in their tracks.

As with all the Ultrasonic Handheld dog whistles we have reviewed, the Bark Silencer 2.0 is completely safe for humans and dogs. This device also gives you the opportunity to shut your neighbour’s dog up too as it has an impressive 30-foot range.


  • 100% Safe for Humans and Dogs
  • Long Battery Life
  • Simple to Use


  • Not effective on all the dogs

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3 Modus Handheld RepellentModus Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Whistle

Preventing your doggie from barking can be a great piece of training if successful.  Using the Modus handheld training device is a great way of YOU controlling when to stop your doggie barking.  Simply press the alarm button and the Ultrasonic Sound will alert your doggie and control whether they continue to bark or not.

Although the Modus device has been around a long time it is still a very popular choice amongst dog owners.   Training and Educating your dog to stop barking is one thing Modus thrives themselves on when developing dog products.

When we started training Ralph and Rupert we struggled with consistency.  Working in the day, looking after our kids in the evening meant little time was spent training our dogs.  Since the start of lockdown, we have been able to spend more time training the dogs and balancing our working and home life balance.

This device is so simple to use and because it is a manual device you can simply just press the button and they stop barking.  Although The sound isn’t very pleasant for your doggie, it is 100% safe and quickly changes the behaviour of your dog.

The modus device has a range of 17feet and although that is not as big as the others reviewed it still capable of capturing your dog’s behaviour in and outdoors.


  • 100% Safe for Humans and Dogs
  • up to a 17-foot range
  • Easy to carry around and put into pocket


  • Works on Most Dogs but not all

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4 First Alert Bark GenieFirstAlert handheld Dog Whistle

When searching and reviewing the ultrasonic handheld dog whistles we always try to find the most popular.   Amazon’s cool ‘Seller’ feature is another way of ensuring you are finding some of the products.  The First Alert device is an Amazon Seller with a whole host of amazing reviews.  The product itself is one that works as good as any other bark device.

Most dog owners are wary of any such devices that tamper with their dogs via sound or vibrations however all these products are 100% safe.  We only resorted to an ultrasonic sound device as training just wasn’t working.  Safety is always at the forefront of First Alert mind when creating their doggie products.

The device is comfortable to use and is made to last with its comfortable strap that can easily fit around your wrist.

Training your dog with a handheld device also requires the use of commands.  “Stop” and “NO” generally are the ones you need to use with the sound so that your dog recognises this when the high pitch sound is emitted.  Once your dog is in the training they will quickly identify the words “STOP” and “NO” with the sound and will reduce the need to continue with the device.

The range of the sound is only up to 15 feet so we would probably recommend this more for at-home training.   The device also requires 4 batteries for us which can become pretty expensive if you have to use it quite often.


  • 100% Safe for Humans and Dogs
  • Works to Reduce barking
  • Shaped like a Torch for simple use
  • Tried and Tested by Dog Training Professionals


  • only a 15 foot range making it difficult to use effectively.

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5 Dazer II  by K-II EnterprisesDog Dazer II

This device is small, easy to use and easy to store away in your pocket.  Complete with several levels of intensity the Dazer II is a perfect little device that will help train your dog to stop barking.

The Dazer II can be used with a range of up to 20 feet and is great for in and outdoors.  The great thing about the Dazer II is the battery life should be up to 6 months depending on how much you need to use it.

Some people have purchased this device to stop nuisance neighbours dogs as the 20-foot range will work over a garden fence. The size of the device makes it so discreet that you could easily hide it away and use it without anyone knowing.  With 4 control buttons you won’t need to worry about your doggie not hearing the device but always remember to start with the lowest level first.


  • 100% Safe for Humans and Dogs
  • 5-6 months battery life


  • Works only on dogs above 6 months old

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6 Bark Begone DeviceBarkBegone

Finally, we have the Bark Begone.  Simple, Compact and a superb device to take anywhere.  Making sure your doggie training is continued whether you are at home or out and about is key.  Consistency in training helps develop your doggies skills and ensures they remain well behaved everywhere you go.  Being able to emit an ultrasonic sound up to 20 feet makes the bark be gone a great device.  Like all these devices they do not harm your doggie in any way.

Training your doggie with these devices is simple and very effective.  Click the button, emit the sound, your dog becomes distracted from its barking and stops.  Using these regularly for unnecessary barking will quickly stop the bad behaviour.  The Bark Begone comes with light also so if used in the dark you can quickly flash the light too as a distracting method.


  • 100% Safe for Humans and Dogs
  • 20 Foot Range
  • Great sounds for training
  • All in one training kit


  • There are no such cons according to Bark Begone reviews accept its price being a bit higher than its alternatives.
  • It does not work on deaf and old dogs with hearing issues.

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The Pinnacle of Canine Communication – Choosing Your Perfect Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistle

In conclusion, finding the ideal ultrasonic handheld dog whistle is crucial for effective communication and training with your canine companion. Each whistle featured in our guide has been carefully selected based on its quality, durability, and user feedback. Whether you’re a seasoned dog trainer or a new pet parent, investing in a top-notch ultrasonic handheld dog whistle can make a significant difference in your training sessions. Take the time to consider your specific needs and preferences, and select the whistle that aligns perfectly with your goals. Elevate your dog training experience with one of the 6 best quality ultrasonic handheld dog whistles, and witness the transformative power of precise communication with your furry friend.

When making that final decision to buy a Handheld bark device you need to ensure you have done your research.  Ultrasonic Handheld Dog Whistles are as good as Anti Bark Devices.  Owning one will ensure that your doggies barking will stop after a few days of constant use.  Eventually, you will forget your doggie even barked as much as they did.

Ultrasonic sounds are sent from the device through the air and the part – humans cannot hear it.  This helps to ensure you’re able to deliver a quick sound that will distract your doggie from barking and bad behaviour.  When using outside this can also distract other dogs from heading your way when you don’t want them to.

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