Best Dog Sleeping Bag or Pod for Your Outdoor Adventures

We have previously wrote about the dogs love for outdoor adventures with their owners.  Camping, Hiking, walks in the park and holidays are great fun with your dog.  These are all great ways of keeping your dog part of the family, where possible.  If you are an avid hiker / camper then you know that keeping warm at night can be tricky.  Whether you need a tent to keep your dog dry, a bed for your dog to lie on or a dog sleeping bag for additional warmth, you have to make sure its suitable.  Would you go camping with a cheap tent, an uncomfortable bed and a flimsy cold blanket / sleeping bag.  The answer to this should be NO and your dog shouldn’t either.

Making the camping trip fun for you all is what makes being outdoors the best.  However, should your dog want to get in your sleeping bag with you or cries due to cold, the holiday becomes draining.  Having the best dog sleeping bag you can afford will really help reduce any anxieties and bad nights sleep for you all.  There is nothing your dog will want more than for you all to enjoy the holiday.

Having a dog that can sleep warm and comfortably will help the experience.  If they sleep in your tent you definitely need the best dog sleeping bag to avoid disrupting your sleep.  Depending on how durable and versatile the dog sleeping bag is, depends where and when you use it.  Some are great for a quick rest-bite when out hiking.  Others are just perfect for leaving in a tent ready for when you return from the adventure.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Dog Sleeping Bag?

Hikers / Campers or generally people who like to be out travelling will benefit from dog sleeping bags and sleeping pods.   Depending on your travel type depends on the type of sleeping bag you need.  If you are camping / hiking then you definitely need a light and portable one.  If you are caravanning or staying in one spot then a dog sleeping pod might be more suitable.

Staying outdoors for anyone is a very different experience.  Keeping warm can be tough some nights so ensure your dog is snug with the best dog sleeping bag. Waterproof and tear resistant sleeping bags are perfect for outdoor use as you just never know what to expect with the weather.

Here are some quick features to think about when purchasing a dog sleeping bag’

Is it Warm?This is the main thing to think about – you don’t want a sleeping bag that’s comfortable but your dog remains cold.  Warmth is a priority with any sleeping bag.

Easy to CleanWhen sleeping outside there is a high chance your dog sleeping bag will get muddy.  Ensuring the bag is easy to clean will allow for it to be used for a long time.

WaterproofAbsolute MUST!  No point in sleeping on a wet and cold floor if your sleeping bag isn’t waterproof.  Even though you will be in a tent, depending on the rain depends how wet the floor gets underneath.  If the sleeping bag is not waterproof your dog will get very cold very quickly.

Is it Portable?If you are hiking with your dog then you need a portable sleeping bag.  You don’t want to be lugging around something clumpy or heavy.  Lightweight and folds up in to a bag is perfect for you or your dog to carry around.

Why Should I Buy a Dog Sleeping Bag?

Why not? If you are out on adventures regularly then this is the perfect opportunity to try something new.  Sleeping bags and Dog Tents are a perfect way to keep your dog feeling like a true member of the family.

Dogs will need just as much comfort as you to ensure they rest peacefully.  They also need a sleeping bag so they don’t sleep in wet, dirty grounds.  This is just inhumane and wrong to do.  Even using a sleeping bag as a blanket when resting is better than mud.

Finally, your dog should be comfortable.  You should treat your dog how you expect to be treated.  Comfort, clean and warm are the three main areas I feel would be best for you and your dog.

As with any pet product there are so many too choose from its hard to decide which are the best.  We have selected 7 of the best dog sleeping bags and were going to share them right now.

Best Dog Sleeping Bag / Sleping Pod

1 Ozark Trail Sleeping Pod for Dogsozark bed dog sleeping pad

Dog Sleeping Bags are great, and Sleeping Pods are a great alternative.  Sleeping Pods are a great alternative sometimes to even the dog’s bed.  These sleeping pods feel as thick as a good dogs bed, they are extremely comfortable and supportive of your dog and proved a fully quilted cover.  During warmer weather the cover can be removed by simply unzipping and removing.

Ozark Trails Sleeping Pod is extremely well made with fully breathable materials.  You can store it away easily by rolling it up and putting into the string bag also making it easy to carry when hiking.

Overall the Ozark Sleeping Pod is like a portable dog bed that provides comfort, warmth and durability when hiking / camping and is a great alternative to dog sleeping bags.

If the bed was to get dirty then you can place in the machine and wash it without and hassle.


Portable Bed
Quilted Cover
Durable and Soft
Easy to store and Carry


Sells out Quickly

2 Highlands Sleeping Bagruffwear best dog sleeping bag

Ruffwear is back with the highlands sleeping bag and our top choice for best dog sleeping bag.  Ruffwear provide some amazing outdoor dog gear and this dog sleeping bag is another amazing product.

The Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag is a super comfy and extremely warm bag.  Great for your pooch to snuggle in and get warm after a long day out.  The insulation helps keep your dog warm throughout the night even when its quite cold outside.  Complete with a waterproof outer material that dries quickly should it get any sort of wet on it.  If you have a dog that gets quity dirty then not to worry, the sleeping bag just needs a quick shake.

For any hiking and camping gear, size and weight is a major factor.  Carrying such large products round restricts movement and time spent walking.  This sleeping bag packs extremely small and lightweight and fits snug into the included carry bag.

Another great feature of the Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag is that it can easily unfold to become a blanket.  As the material is waterproof and potentially dirt proof, you can lay it out and shake it off when done.

Depending on where you go on your travels the temperature could become extremely cold.  Ruffwear also have a Highlands Pad that you can put inside the dog sleeping bag.  This helps warm up the bag and your dog to prevent any shocks to the system.


Extremely Warm
Unfolds to a Blanket
Dirt Proof
Easy to Clean



3 Outback Dreamerhurtta best dog sleeping bag

WOW – A dog sleeping bag that helps your dog remain in their favourite curled up sleeping position.  The Outback Dream by Hurtta is a great sleeping bag allowing dogs to sleep comfortable and breathe easily due to the simple shape and opening.  Some dogs like to sleep on top rather than inside, that’s fine too as the size and shape allows it to be a blanket also.

Inside the dog sleeping bag is a superb heat reflecting material for that extra warmth that your dog can generate.  This helps keep the warm inside and on your dog.  It is simple to carry when on your travels and doesn’t take up much space as the sleeping bag can be rolled up small and stored in the carry bag provided.

Hurtta have ensured that the sleeping bag is waterproof and comfortable for all dogs that use it.  If it does however get dirty after use, you can simply put in the washing machine and give it a clean.


Warm Insulation
Includes Travel Bag for Storage
Machine Washable
3 sizes


Only Small, Medium and large. Not suitable for Extra Large dogs.

4 Explorer Sleeping Bag by AlcottExplorer Dog Sleeping Bag by Alcott

Alcotts is a superb sleeping bag for the digging dogs in our lives.  At a great affordable price, the Alcott sleeping bag helps your dog to nest comfortably in the insulated bag.  Should your dog be a fidget, this sleeping bag does not move around and helps keep your dog comfortable whatever position they sleep in.

If your dog is too warm then you can simply remove the top of the sleeping bag and make it into a nice blanket.  This still remains extremely comfortable but perfect for a nice relaxing sleep.

Carrying and storing the bag is simple as you can simply roll it up and attach together.  This takes up less space and is light enough to carry around should you be hiking / camping.  Should the Alcott sleeping bag become dirty then again, do not worry as it is machine washable.

The Alcott Explorer comes in 3 sizes but may not be quite suitable for extremely large dogs to be comfortable.  This is the only downfall to what is an amazing Dog Sleeping Bag.


Machine Washable
Insulated Well
Top Can Be Removed to become a blanket
Rolls up tight for easy storage


Not small enough for Dog to Carry
No Carry Bag included

5 Ethical Pets Sleep ZoneEthical Pets Dog Sleeping Bag

Smallers dogs often struggle with camping and sleeping outside.  Mainly because they cannot retain as much heat as larger dogs.  What you don’t want to happy is to constantly leave your doggie behind missing out on all the family time.  The Sleep Zone by Ethical Pets is a great cave styled sleeping bag that ensures your small dog has a perfect resting place to keep them warm.

This amazing machine washable sleeping bag keeps its shape after many washes and remains as comfortable as it was first bought.  The thickness of the bottom is perfect for ensuring the coldness of the floor doesn’t creep through to your dogs body.

This bed comes in 1 size which is perfect for smaller dogs to help generate heat in such a small space.


Perfect Snuggle Bed
Soft and Comfortable
Protection from Cold Floor


Difficult to Carry if Camping
Great for Caravans / Campervans