Best Medicated Dog Shampoo Too Help Cure Your Itchy Dog

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Choosing dog shampoo can be quite simple, but when it comes to buying medicated dog shampoo, that’s when the choice gets more difficult.  We have already reviewed the best organic dog shampoo which will help your dog get a much cleaner, healthier looking coat.  When choosing the best medicated dog shampoo there are a few additional things you need to take into consideration.  One of the big downsides of dog shampoo is the cheaper products that are available.  These can cause more skin problems for your dog than what miracle cure they probably advertise.  Be warned, cheaper isn’t always better.  In this article we will review the Best Medicated Dog Shampoo to help prevent your dog from itching.

When your dog is fighting itchy skin, worms and viruses then medicated dog shampoo is a great solution to soothing your dog’s skin.

Taking away some of the difficulties is what we do best and having spending time reviewing many of the safest, best quality medicated shampoos for dogs to help provide our Top 5 dog shampoos.  All these products are available to use in the comfort of your own home.  Any signs of sickness in your dog then consult your vet immediately as you may need prescription shampoo or anti biotics.

Using Medicated Dog Shampoo

Shampooing your dog is not something that needs doing to often, especially if your dog is healthy.  Once every three to four weeks is plenty, depending how dirty your dog gets of course.  Dogs that have skin problems or show signs of parasites should use a medicated shampoo at least two to three times in the week.  This should help improve the skin condition almost immediately.  If the condition is beyond control then immediately take your dog to the vets but also washing your dog daily will start to help.

Now, it is no secret that bathing your dog is not the easiest of jobs to have to do but when it comes to using medicated shampoo, you made need to use the dog bath more than normal.  Antiseptic dog wipes are available if you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to bath your dog three times a week. 

Using medicated shampoos too often can cause irritation in your dogs skin, this is because they are stronger than your standard dog shampoos.  Only use them if you feel that the skin irritation short term will be worth the pain especially if it clears any ticks / infections from spreading.

Lets now dive straight into the Top 5 Best Medicated Dog Shampoos

Top 5 Best Medicated Shampoos for Dogs

Always remember that these medicated shampoos are our choice of best medicated shampoos available but you should also do your own research.  Dogs with any skin problems, ticks, viruses etc could have more underlying problems and may need proper treatment not just a simple medicated shampoo.  If you are unsure then always visit your vet before purchasing.

1 Paws & Pals Shampoo & Conditionerbest medicated dog shampoo Paws and Pals

Although the Paws and Pals is a medicated shampoo it features all-natural ingredients and lacks the strong odours that most other medicated shampoos come with.  The all-natural oils include aloe and coconut oils making this product the most environmentally safe, dog friendly shampoo that you will find.

Being an amazing product for your dog is not just the start, it is also amazing for the environment for those of us who are a little green.  The box is also made from recycled materials.  This product continues to get better as the are no harmful chemicals that will linger in your home and the product is 100% vegan friendly (as are most shampoos)

How does it compare to other shampoos? Firstly, the shampoo is an absolute dream to apply to your dog.  Unlike other shampoos that are full of chemicals, this shampoo will not leave you lightheaded or leave a nasty smell lingering around your house or in your clothes.  The overall smell of this shampoo compared to other medicated products is fantastic and being able to use this product twice a week without any stress or concerns turned the shampoo experience into a nice bonding session with the dog.

Finally, the results were also amazing.  Massive improvements in the dogs skin irritations and the softness of the coat after use was also much better than any of the chemical filled products.  The improvements in the dogs skin is not a quick as the chemically filled products however, with a little patience the results do come. Definitely the best medicated dog shampoo we have found for all the right reasons.

2 SynergyLabs Vet-Formulatedbest medicated dog shampoo

Choosing the best medicated dog shampoo out of a great batch was not easy however, number two on our list is the SynergyLabs Vet-Formulated Medicated Dog Shampoo.  Having been around for a long time, SynergyLabs is rated the best medicated dog shampoo by many dog owners around the world.  Thousands upon thousands of great reviews and some amazing results, this medicated shampoo has it all.  Effectively working on infections and ticks, this shampoo has provided some awesome results.

As mentioned earlier, cheap shampoo is not always a good idea and, as this product is a lot more expensive than your normal shampoo, it is worth every single penny.  Best selling product on most e-commerce websites does not come easily and SynergyLabs have ensured that the shampoo provides the best quality each and every year.

Used in vet clinics and rated the best over the counted medicated shampoo, the results work on moderate skin conditions, right up to some of the more severe cases.

One big downfall of this shampoo is the smell.  If used regularly the strong chemical smell left behind can become unpleasant for you.  After using the product for two weeks it was very noticeable that the shampoo was working as dogs have seen less inflammation in the skin and much less scratching / biting of the skin.

3 Sulfodene Dog Shampoo & Conditionersulfodene best medicated dog shampoo

Keeping the theme of the best medicated dog shampoo, here we have our third choice and that is the Sulfodene Shampoo and Conditioner.  Users of this shampoo have provided many good reviews online even though this product relies more on chemicals to help cure / treat your dogs itchy skin.  This is in comparison to our number 1 choice that is all-natural and chemical free.

Applying the medicated shampoo can be quite difficult dependent on your dog.  The products main issue is that it recommends leaving the shampoo to settle on your dogs skin for ‘Up To’ ten minutes, this is before you wash it off, allowing for the chemicals to work.  For those of you that groom your dog regular whether it be in a dog bath or in your own bath, you will know that ten minutes can be a very long time, especially if your dog becomes restless.

Although the shampoo is not afraid to share the chemicals used in the ingredients, they are however concentrated which will make them less harmful than other medicated shampoos.  Helping the product remain too harmful is the fact that Sulfodene is also a conditioner so every use will not only medicate your dogs skin, but will also moisturise it.  This helps increase the chances of avoiding further dryness whilst also using the chemicals to resolve any itchiness.

4 Pet MD Antiseptic & Antifungal Shampoobest medicated dog shampoo PET MD

American made and fourth on our list, the Pet MD Antiseptic and Antifungal Medicated Dog Shampoo.  Pet MD are a well-known, popular website that offer many different articles and medical advice on our pets.  They know exactly the right advice to give to help cure some of the most unhealthiest of problems in our pets.

Price wise, this shampoo is one of the more expensive in comparison to the other products reviewed here and also others in the market.

The product is fantastic on yeast and bacterial infections and if Ralph was to have either of these then the £15 per bottle would seem worth it.  Reviews on the internet have provided many 5 stars it is definitely a must have product.

The product does have a distinct smell of flowers however, you can still get a scent of the chemicals which is a shame as the product is definitely a great product.

5 Dechra DermaBenSs Medicated Shampoo

Eczeme in animals is a problem you wouldn’t think existed however, this shampoo is on the list as it is designed to help treat just that.  Not just for dogs, this medicated shampoo can treat cats and horses too.  Seborrheic dermatitis (eczema) is more common in humans and is caused by a flare up of the skin breaking out in red flaky sores.  Pets who suffer from this can be extremely irritated throughout their treatment and scratching can cause bleeding.  Applying the shampoo and accompanying it with cream should help to control the rash and sores.

Breakouts can be very serious and irritable so applying the cream up to 3 or 4 times per week will really help soothe and calm your dog and the rash.  If there is no flare up and no rash, yet you know your dog does suffer with  eczema, then it is highly recommended that you still use the product at least once a week as this will continue to preserve any outbreaks in the future.

Users of the product have left reviews stating that after only a few uses of the Dechra DermabenSs Medicated Shampoo, the lumps, bumps and rashes to start to clear and any dandryff is also cured which is great for your dog and its coat.

Summary: Best Medicated Dog Shampoo

We have review the best medicated dog shampoos that have had the highest success rates and are reasonably priced.  These are the best rated shampoos on the market today and are highly recommended by vets too.  Each of them work on all breeds of dogs, just some larger dogs might go through a bottle much quicker so the cost will be a lot more than expected.

The All-Natural Dog Shampoo is a great place to start if there are only mild irritations however, if you are unsure then we definitely recommended seeking the advice of a vet.  The All-Natural has no chemicals, smells great.

Identifying what is happening with your dog will then determine which of the other 4 products you need.  Again, checking with your vet to find what they recommend and also doing a bit of your own research into these medicated shampoos will really help you cure and soothe your dog.

If you have any success stories from any of the above then please feel free to share your story below.


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