Top 5 Dog Dental Chew Sticks for Amazing Dog Oral Hygiene

Dog breath can smell disgusting.  They lick themselves; dog meat stinks and they have no way of cleaning their teeth for fresh breath.  Carrots are apparently a great way of keeping your dog and dogs teeth healthy, but they just don’t sort out the bad breath.  Kibble is also another great way of keeping teeth strong as the chewing on something hard helps, but again, plaque build up will cause smelly breath.  Finding the best dog dental chew sticks is quite simple and should be used like cleaning your teeth.  ALL Veterinary practices will recommend dog dental chew sticks to help fight gum disease and plaque build up in dogs teeth.

Dogs, by the age of 3, tend to suffer with gum disease which can cause huge vet bills and problems later in life.

You can buy Dog Toothpaste and clean your dogs teeth should the build up be out of control however, there is a much more practical solution.   Dog dental chew sticks are a superb way of fighting gum disease, plaque build up and keep your dogs breath fresh.

We have always used Pedigree Denta Stix with Ralph and Rupert.  We have never had any issues with them and both dogs absolutely love them.  We also provide them with a full carrot a few times a week.  This not only feels like a treat to them but really helps keep the teeth clean and healthy. (plus it hopefully helps them see in the dark better)

Lets take a look at our Top 5 Dog Dental Chew Sticks;

Best Dog Dental Chew Sticks

1 DentaStix by Pedigreedog dental chew sticks

Pedigree DentaStix, in our opinion, are the best around.  Pedigree is a well known name in the world of dogs and these stick are brilliant.

They are available for all size dogs.  From puppy to x-large breed the chew become harder and more difficult to chew so make sure you provide the right size for your dog.  Shaped in a long x-shape, these chews provide a superb clean and reduce plaque build up by up to 80%. AMAZING!

Ralph and Rupert absolutely love the Pedigree Dentastix so we purchase them in a large box to make sure we always have enough.  Available in singular packs of 7 sticks OR as many as 112 sticks (16 packs) these chews are a must to have at home

Buying the package cuts down costs and ensures they are always available in your home when needed.  Ralph and Rupert absolutely love them and we would not buy anything different.  Our friends do use other brands for their bigger dogs but we would not move from DentaStix.


Great Ingredients
Cleans Teeth Great
Reduces / Removes Bad Breath



2 Dentalife Mediumdog dental chew sticks

Purina, the specialists behind Dentalife, have created the Dentalife dog dental sticks based on their understanding of every dogs needs and requirements.  Our friend uses Dentalife for his Labrador and he absolutely swears by them.  Every vet check up consists of how amazing his dogs teeth are.  Great for dogs weighing 12 to 25kg the dentalife dental chew sticks are a great plaque remover.

Not only are these chew sticks amazing, they have also been accepted byt the Vet oral Health Council due to the tests carried out. They have so many benefits tied to them such as;

  • Reduce Plaque and Tartar by 57%
  • Healthier Gums
  • Teeth sink in to remove plaque quickly
  • Sugar Free / Low Fat / No Artificial colours

No Artificial Flavours
Cleans Teeth Great
Removes Plaqu


Hard for Dogs to Break Down

3 Greenies Teenie Treatsgreenies dog dental chew sticks

As with most Dog Dental Chew Sticks, Greenies come in 4 sizes recommended for the weight of your dog.  Teenie, Petite, regular and large treats all have different density depending on your dogs age and weight.  Teenie and Petite sizes are perfect for puppies as they are easier to chew.  Teenie are recommended for dogs weighing 2 to 7kgs.  Greenies also guarantee an 80% healthier gum after regular use of the Chew Sticks.  Along with Pedigree and Purina, Greenies are a perfect solution for your dogs teeth, gums and breath.

Plaque and Tartar is removed quickly and efficiently with the natural chewing of the sticks.  Whilst chewing, the sticks quickly break down due to the highly soluble ingredients.  This prevents choking as the chew will dissolve in the throat should they swallow a larger chunk.

The chews are very tasty and with a low fat content which helps keep your dogs healthy and wanting more.


All Natural Ingredients
Tastes Great
Extremely Healthy
Backed Heavily by Science
Soluble ingredients for Quick Breakdown




4 Woofbrush Dental ChewsTop 5 Dog Dental Chew Sticks for Amazing Dog Oral Hygiene

Woofbrush dental chews have been developed by dog and vet experts to help keep your dogs breath and teeth fresh and clean.  These daily dog dental chews are a great way of doing just that.

Woofbrush chews have an attractive smell for your dogs.  This is because they have been made using real meat and vegetables for that amazing taste.  With no sugar these chews are simply an amazing treat for your dog.

Taste is not the only thing these treat have that is great.  A chewy texture helps keep your dog chewing regularly to help reduce and remove plaque.

As with all the dog dental chew sticks we have reviewed here, the Woofbrush range are no different and are vet certified.  This puts your mind immediately at rest with safety.  Improving oral health and preventing gum disease.

As with all dental chews there are some risks in that your dog could swallow more than they can handle.  Just be mindful of this when giving your dog any chew sticks.  If they don’t dissolve that could be a choking hazard.


All Natural Ingredients
Certified by Vets
Quick Cleaning


Can be Swallowed Whole

5 WhimzeesTop 5 Dog Dental Chew Sticks for Amazing Dog Oral Hygiene

Vegetarian, all natural, dog dental chew sticks.  If you are looking for something a little more Natural for your dog then Whimzees provide just that.  Guaranteeing an 80% reduction in plaque build up, Whimzees are another fantastic dog dental chew that oyur dog will love.

As with all dog dental chew sticks, the amazing structure of the Whimzees chew stick helps it last up to 3 times longer than a normal chew.  This helps for dogs with a quick and tough build up of plaque as the longer they chew the more plaque is removed.

The design of Whimzees helps with the hard to reach plaque.  Your dog can also easily hold on to the chew stick with its paws.  They are sugar-free and help improve muscles and bones in your dog.

Choosing the right size for your dogs weight is vitally important as this will help with your dogs health and ensure they get the right amount of oral hygiene.


Sugar Free
Great for Gums
Reaches Hard to Reach Places