How To Teach Your Dog To Shake As A Winner?

Can your pooch shake hand with a command? Shaking paws is a fun trick that is genuinely simple and easy to teach. Encourage your pet to learn it.  After only a couple of short instructional sessions, your pooch will offer its paw for a shake each time they meet another person. Isn’t that interesting?

Here is a step by step guide to how to teach your dog to shake simply. Let us know how you liked it?

Get Ready – How To Teach Your Dog To Shake

The main thing that you would require when training your munchkin to shake paws is a bunch of treats! Yes, that is all they need and this will make the process easier for you too.

The Training

Even before we start with, we would like to say that just give it some time. Take out five minutes per day and train them. This implies that you need to go slow and let them take their time to learn.

You can start by:

  • This trick depends on the canine sitting peacefully and giving you its full focus
  • If your dog does not understand the command like how to sit or stay then you need to practice the basics first before moving on
  • Now take a treat and hold it in your palms
  • Close your fists and bring it close to their paws, but make sure this is approximately a few inches above the ground
  • In most cases, you may see them stand up or a slight movement in the paws
  • That is a good sign and treat them right away, calling them “Good”
  • This will signal them that they are doing something that you want and are in the right direction
  • What you do next is stretch your hand, while they aim at the treat and shake their paws
  • Let them enjoy their treat
  • Repeat this exercise as and when you can, but make sure to do it on a regular basis, as that should do the trick
  • Once, they get a hang of it, you can add the word “Shake”
  • See, if they understand the word “Shake”
  • You can slowly stop to treat them and see how they perform


The moment you realise that your doggie has learnt shaking paws, what you can do it test them a couple of times. Just ask any other person besides you to shake hands with them. See the delight in their eyes the moment they are praised for this.

Yes, this is how to teach your dog to shake that works and you will be happy to collect all the appreciation on behalf of your pooch. It does not end with this because your friends and family will be surprised with your skills too. Who doesn’t want to brag a bit?

Yes, all that admiration is indeed a boost. We all like that and we want more of that for your canine friends. Don’t we? Now that certainly is cool, isn’t it?