Outdoor Dog Toys: 8 Amazing Toys to Entertain Your Doggie for Hours

There are several reasons why you may want some outdoor dog toys.  A lot of dogs love being outside so having something that is suitable for outdoor play is a great idea.  Or, you could be doing some hoovering / cleaning and need your pooch out of the way for a short time.  Keeping doggies entertained at any time of the day is always a difficult task but these outdoor dog toys will help.  Stopping your doggie from eating everything like your carpets, couch or their own beds generally comes with boredom.  Indoor and Outdoor dog toys will help prevent this.

If, like Ralph and Rupert, your doggie eats the fluff off of a tennis ball rather than playing fetch, then you need to look elsewhere.  We have tried teddies, indestructible dog bones, tennis balls, plastic flashing balls.  All of which have been chewed, ate and destroyed in minutes.  Automatic Ball Launchers are also a great toy that can be used in and outside and will really help keep your doggie entertained, but they do require a lot of training initially.

Lets take a look at the best outdoor dog toys we have chosen for you today.

Best Outdoor Dog Toys to Prevent Boredom That Wont Break the Bank


Tug’o’war is most dogs favourite game to play.  The Tug-a-Jug from PetSafe is another fantastic innovative toy that PetSafe have released.  Not only is PetSafe a well respected brand, they are definitely one of the leading dog brands available.  Whilst your dog tugs on the Tug-a-Jug, treats will be dispensed and rewards your dog.  Allowing for play tie and treat time to ensure your dog is happy and fed.  PetSafe have made sure that the Tug-a-Jug is suitable for dogs all the way up to 40lbs and will keep them occupied for hours.

Too fill with treats you just simply open the top and put the treats inside.  As your doggie tugs on the rope attached to the jug, treats will slowly but surely start to be dispensed.  The durability of the Tug-a-Jug allows for extra strong tugging from larger dogs.  PetSafe have made the Tug-a-Jug dishwasher safe so as and when you need to wash it, simply take apart place in the dishwasher.

The rope on the Tug-a-Jug does tend to hinder the treat being released however this adds to the excitement for your dog as they know the treat is there but they just need to tug a little more.

2 ZippyPaws Skinny PeltzOutdoor Dog Toys: 8 Amazing Toys to Entertain Your Doggie for Hours

ZippyPaws are fun, furry, entertaining dog toys.  With several designs such as foxes and hedgehogs to a hilarious cheese and lettuce taco.  ZippyPaws is a brand like no other and has been described as unbeatable.  At a lengthy 18 inches long, these entertaining dog toys are great for indoor and outdoor use and will definitely relieve any boredom your doggie may have.

Each of the toys have no stuffing inside which is what doggies tend to try and get to when ripping open toys like this.  They rustle, they squeak and above all else, they can be thrown around as they are lightweight.

Complete in a pack of 3, ZippyPaws ensure you get value for money.  If you only have 1 dog then you can easily separate them and give as presents or save for later.  Changing the style for your doggie also keeps them entertained and provides a new sense of joy.

ZippyPaws toys are great for doggies that like tug-o-war and also fetch.  Reviews have been amazed due to the lack of stuffing, reducing the clean up process if it was to be ripped apart.  Although it is not indestructible please by mindful if your doggie does ge through the material then it may be time to move change the toy.


The World-Renowned KONG Dog Toy.  There are so many positives about this dog toy.  KONG Toys are not only great for dental hygiene and relieving boredom but is also great as a fetch and treat toy.  Many people fill these with peanut butter or treats and let their dog loose.

Vets from around the world regularly recommend these for younger dogs to help with teething.  They are a great stimulant for boredom and will help ensure your doggie is kept happy and filled with enjoyment.

KONG dog toys ocme in several different sizes dependent on your doggie  and each cater for your puppies needs up to you adult doggie needs.

They are quick and simple to fill with treats which can help to quickly get your doggie engaged in the right activity.

They can make a bit of a mess if filled with peanut butter however, your doggies happiness is second to none.  With the lightweight KONG toy, your doggie has plenty of time to be happy, relaxed and above all else, have fun.

4 IQ Treat BallOutdoor Dog Toys: 8 Amazing Toys to Entertain Your Doggie for Hours

WOW  OurPets IQ Exercise and Treat ball is truly remarkable.  Whilst not only giving your doggie its daily exercise, the IQ Treat Ball also provides a high amount of brain stimulation, along with some tasty treats.

It is down to your pooch to figure out how to get the treats out which will keep them busy.  Increasing the difficulty will initially become frustrating for your doggie but once they know how to get the treats out then changing this will really help keep them entertained.  The ball rolls simply with a gentle push by their nose.  Your doggie can then follow and chase the ball around until the treats drop.  Several colours are available, and your doggie will quickly understand the joy and rewards this brings.  More suitable for smaller and medium sized dogs.  Made from a durable plastic that should be difficult to break unless thrown onto a hard surface with force.

To add the treats just twist and release the opening, pour in your treats and seal back up.

Because the ball is made from a hard plastic it can become quite irritating on a hard laminate or tiled surface.  We would highly recommend this to be used on a carpet indoors but anywhere outdoors.

5 StarMark Bob-A-LotOutdoor Dog Toys: 8 Amazing Toys to Entertain Your Doggie for Hours

If you are looking for a more interactive outdoor dog toy then the Bob-A-Lot is just that.  Not only is it weight to allow for a rough play time, the bob-a-lot also dispenses treats.  The bottom is anti-slip with weights to ensure the device stays stood up allowing your doggie to continue to bob.  You can also adjust the settings of the bob-a-lot to allow for a quicker or slower release of treats.  Remember:  do not over fill with treats.  The Bob-a-Lot also has a difficulty setting at the bottom by just simply opening the bottom.

StarMarks Bob-A-Lot provides the necessary mental stimulation  that will keep your doggie entertained and feeling like the brain has been stimulated.  If you are finding it difficult to get exercise on a given day, this will provide that too.  Dog owners whose dogs have anxiety have found that these have really helped reduce the anxiety quickly. And finally, another amazing feature is that this works on all surfaces.  One downside is that treats such as kibble can cause the bob-a-lot to be a lot louder than normal.

6 Omega Paw Treat BallOutdoor Dog Toys: 8 Amazing Toys to Entertain Your Doggie for Hours

When looking for an outdoor dog toy sometimes the simplest toys just become the best.  Although this is a simple looking ball there are several things that isn’t always visible when viewing on a website and one you will love when you receive.

At just a small diameter in 5 inches, the ball is great for small and medium dogs.  Each of the small crevices in the ball can store treats.  This makes the toy extra more enjoyable as your doggie will scrape and scramble to try and get the treats.  Figuring out the best way to release the deliciousness is all part of the fun and enjoyment.

Smaller and medium dogs tend to replace meal time with this as they are slower eaters and the food lasts a little longer making meal times last longer.  Larger dogs however don’t mess about and tend to either shred the ball to get the treats or just aren’t interested.

7 West Paw QwizlOutdoor Dog Toys: 8 Amazing Toys to Entertain Your Doggie for Hours

If your dog is an aggressive player with traits of throwing and aggressively biting toys then this is for you.  Not only is this toy tough and durable, the West Paw is also a treat dispensing toy.

Made to last the most aggressive behaviours but is built to last.  If you include treats then you will not be disappointed.  The toy fits most dog treats and they do last inside the toy so no need to constantly change.  Available in several colours giving you the option to match some of your doggies other toys.

With the durability of the toy also comes the challenge of the treats being dispensed.  This is one of the more challenging toys that your doggie will love and more than likely rise to the challenge.

Another amazing feature is that this toy floats.  So not only is this toy great for the outdoors, its great for in a swimming pool / paddling pool.  Also available is a 2 sizes to cater for different sized dogs.  The West Paw is a great, durable toy that your doggie will love, find challenging and also very very rewarding.

8 Hide-A-SquirrelOutdoor Dog Toys: 8 Amazing Toys to Entertain Your Doggie for Hours

Hide a Squirrel by Outward Hound is an extremely fun game for dogs.  Just like Hide and Seek simply hide the squirrels inside the soft toy tree and watch yourdoggie try and dig them out. Not only is this great to hide the squirrels inside the tree but you can also hide them around the garden. Suitable for inside and outside, this soft toy is a great little treat for your dog and is great to get the kids involved.  The squirrels pop out of the little holes as your dogt moves the tree around.  Helping immediately with brain stimulation and increasing levels of curiosity, your dog will become very intrigued.

Suitable for all dogs from small to large the toy comes in a ‘Ginormous’ size allowing for bigger doggies to be part of the fun too.

If your dog likes to chew toys then please be mindful this is full of fluff.  Rupert would not be great with this toy as he eats everything and it wouldn’t last 5 seconds but for other dogs it’s a nice one for them to interact with the children.

In Summary:

We found the PetSafe Tug-a-Jug to be the best toy for Ralph and Rupert as they love tug-a-war.  Getting a treat given to them by the same toy also helps keep them occupied and happy for long periods of time.  Not only is the Tug-a-jug suitable for both indoors and outdoors, we have friends with larger dogs that have also enjoyed playing along.

Plush toys and throwable toys are great for dogs requiring a lot of exercise.  Some of the tug toys and treat dispensing toys are perfect for at home use in the garden / home.