Super Absorbent Microfibre Dog Towels: Quick Dry Amazing Dog Towels

Stories of old will advise you not to bathe your dog any more than twice a year.  Many will say this will take your dog’s valuable protective coat and oils.  Dogs oils keep the fur soft and too much bathing will cause dry flaky skins and irritation.  While your dog may require a bath more than once a year if they are a very outdoor dog, it was always a big no-no.  However, times have changed, people have changed and looking after your dog has changed.

Many pet trainers and vets are now recommending at least one bath a month now and, in some cases, fortnightly or even weekly (dependent on your dog).  If your dog has an already known skin condition, then this may be different, and bathing could cause further irritation.  Check this out with your vet.  Outdoor dogs should be bathed regularly to ensure they don’t get mites or irritable skin problems with dirt and wet fur.

Keeping your dog smelling amazing is just another way of ensuring your dog feels well looked after.  Not only that, when you have guests, a nice smelling dog is better than a wet stinky dog.

When bathing your dog more regularly you will require a much better towel then a standard bath towel.  Some dog towels are just not up to the job, but these Super Absorbent Microfibre Dog Towels will do the trick.  Plus, if you have more than one dog, get them customised so your dogs have one each.

Let’s not waste any time and get straight to it;


Super Absorbent Dog Towel by SnuggleSafeSuper Absorbent Microfibre Dog Towels: Quick Dry Amazing Dog Towels

If you are looking for the best quick drying towel for your dog then look no further.  The SnuggleSafe super absorbent microfiber dog towel is just that.  Lightweight, quick drying and super absorbent.  Suitable for any size & breed of dog, this towel is the best choice for any dog owner.  This towel is approximately 55 x 30 inches which is great for the largest of dogs.  Some owners of this towel also use it on their couch, their car seats, and the boot of the car.  Basically, whereever your dog runs too after he has been out or had a bath.

One of the biggest plus points of this towel is its price.  For such a large, super absorbent towel, this microfibre dog towel is a bargain.  Although not that thick, the towel is fantastic.

What Can Microfibre Dog Towels be used for?

  • If you have been out on a walk and your dog is wet and muddy.
  • For placing under your dogs feet before they enter your house.
  • After a bath when your dog is wet to prevent slipping.
  • Quick drying of your dog when they have had a bath or been outside in the rain/snow.
  • To help prevent any water splashes when your doggie wants to shake.

We live in the North West of England, (Manchester) and it is known as the wettest part of the country.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, it will rain the majority of the time.  Having a dog can be difficult in this weather but you have to accept, they are going to get wet.  With this water comes excess mud causing even more problems for your pooch.  We own 2 dachshunds and they are obviously small dogs and in wet conditions their poor bellies get very wet and muddy.

Using a normal human bath towel might seem like a much simpler solution.  You already have them, why buy a dog towel?  Although a bath towel will dry you after your bath, your dog is covered in fur.  A normal towel will not work very well with dog hair.  Dirt, mud and other antibodies that have worked into your dog will be difficult to get out with a normal towel.  These microfibre towels are a great way of ensuring your dog is completely dry and clean.  They are also super quick drying towels too which your normal towel more than likely wont be.

Let’s continue with the best microfibre dog towels;


Paragon Doggie TowelSuper Absorbent Microfibre Dog Towels: Quick Dry Amazing Dog Towels

Complete with Paw Print emblem the paragon dog towel is a super absorbent towel that does exactly what it says on the tin.  Absorbs 10x more water than any standard bath towel, the paragon is great for drying and removing dirt from your dog.  Suitable for standard washing machine and even after 500 washes will still be as absorbent as when your purchased it.  Super Seized at 55 x 27.5 inches this towel can be quite heavy, especially when straight after drying your dog.

Many of the negativities on the product are due to the orders being incorrect.  Many have received the product with no paw print or a flaw with the microfibre.  With both these issues, many have questioned the integrity of the product.

DoggyBag Doggy TowelSuper Absorbent Microfibre Dog Towels: Quick Dry Amazing Dog Towels

WOW- What a great way to end this list with the DoggyBag towel.  Absorbent, quick drying and machine washable.  This towel is amazing.  Great for car seats and sofas, this towel is huge and comfortable.  Being such a large towel, your small or large doggie will quickly dry and feel comforted whilst wrapped up.  Many users have them in their cars which is great after you’ve been on a walk in the wet.  They quickly prevent mud and water getting everywhere as a quick wrap around your dog will start drying immediately.

Completely with a nifty little carrier, the DoggyBag is a super addition to your microfibre dog towels.  WOWOO has made claims to be the quickest drying towel on the market, but someone would need to test that.

Although the price of this towel is higher than others on the market,  the quality is in the product.  The old saying you get what you pay for is true in this case.

Easidri Grooming towelSuper Absorbent Microfibre Dog Towels: Quick Dry Amazing Dog Towels

If you own a dog grooming business or are very strict on time to bathe your dog then this is for you.  The EasiDri dog towel can be simply washed in Warm Water.  This super absorbent design helps to dry your dog quicker than most other dog towels.  You can also use disinfectant to clean this towel, making it more resistant to nasty doggie smells and parasites.

Once washed, just simply ring it out and leave slightly damp.  The EasiDri comes with a nice little storage container for your to leave in.  By leaving damp, it ensures the towel continues to work to its best.  At a decent size of 26.5 x 17inches this towel still covers most dog breeds.

One of the biggest positives of this towel is how quick it absorbs water and wet from your dog, like a sponge.  If not stored correctly however, it will quickly start to smell and become useless.  Storage of this product is key to its longevity.

This towel is perfect for dogs that love the great outdoors especially rivers / lakes and swimming.  The towel does tend to soak up a lot more water than any conventional towel and most other microfibre towels.

Microfibre Towel by AncolSuper Absorbent Microfibre Dog Towels: Quick Dry Amazing Dog Towels

Ancol is one of the leading dog brands in the UK and they return with this amazing microfibre dog towel.  At 39.5 x 19.65 inches making it super attractive to dog owners as it’s easy to travel with.  Ancol is not different to the other microfibre dog towels as it quickly dries your doggie and removes excess dirt.

One major downfall with this towel is that the colour runs in the wash so be careful what you wash it with.

Superb for drying smaller dogs, the Ancol microfibre dog towel is just another option you may want to consider.  If you have smaller dogs then this does the same job as the previous reviewed, only difference is the colour running in the wash, which is a huge downfall.

What Else Do I Need to Know about Microfibre Dog Towels?

Microfibre towels are perfect for dogs for several reasons;

  • Quick Drying
  • Lightweight
  • Super Absorbent
  • Dirable
  • Versatile
  • Large enough to cover car seats and sofas
  • Comforting
  • Affordable

All these attributes are great to ensure your doggie has the best experience without ruining their nice fluffy coat.  Dogs tend to get muddy and wet at every opportunity.  Unfortunately Ralph and Rupert cant help it.  They are so small, their bellies rub on the ground and they quickly get dirty.  Rupert loves running in the grass and mud and isn’t afraid to get dirty.  These towels are amazing and don’t leave us stressing out worrying when he will dry.

Our 2 dachshunds Ralph and Rupert, both tend to run around the house to dry but these towels have prevented a lot of that.  Out the bath, quickly grab them and off you go.  Within a minute or so your dogs are almost dry.  Saving water splashes all over your walls and furniture.

Test the quality of your microfibre towel with this simple method.  Pour water on a flat surface.  If you have a super split fibre towel, it will absorb the water instantly.  Other towels will deflect the water, these are known as non-split fibre towels.

Ensuring you have the correct split fibre dog towels will ensure you are cleaning your dog correctly.  Microfibre dog towels are also great for ensuring less frizzy hair, less knots and most importantly, NO DAMAGE to Fur.  Like Ralph and Rupert, many dogs do not like being wet.  A microfibre towel will quickly dry your dog and relieve a lot of stress.

We have tried to provide  you a varied list of microfibre dog towels to ensure we cover a perfect solution for all dog breeds.  Any of the above towels are great addition to your doggie accessories but as always, please do your own research if you are still unsure.