Best 5 Dog Boots for Winter: Keep Your Doggie Paws Warm and Protected

Purchasing dog boots for your doggie sometimes seems like a comical idea.  People may look and laugh.  I know when I have seen dogs with shoes on, I have found it funny.  Until I read the benefits of a dog wearing dog boots, especially the best dog boots for winter.  Believe it or not, dog boots or booties are not just for winter.  They can be more commonly used with working dogs and even older dogs.  For even further protection you can add some Paw Balm to protect doggie paws in and out of boots.

Frozen floors can become painful for your doggies little feet when walking and can start to effect the pads.  Dog boots help protect paws and pads from grit and other chemicals that can be used on snow / ice that maybe harmful to your doggies feet.  Longer term these chemicals can eat away at the pads and become sore and painful for your dog.

When searching for the best dog boots for winter, you should always find them to be insulated well and completely waterproof.  If the boots are not waterproof, they wouldn’t be any good in protecting from winter conditions.  Insulated dog boots will help keep your doggie warm and comfortable in snow and ice conditions.

Some older dogs start to generate problems with weaker bones and traction when walking.  We found that dog boots for winter are also a great way for supporting senior dogs.  Dog Boots for winter tend to have a good grip and tread on them to help icy walks, so are great for dogs with traction problems.

Our goal is to help you choose the best dog boots for winter, what’s right for your dog and most importantly which features are best when searching.  As there are such a wide range of dog boots to purchase, we have provided our Top 5 Best Dog Boots for Winter below.  So, let’s take a look at what is available.

Top 5 Best Dog Boots for Winter

1 My Busy Dog Waterproof BootsMy Busy Dog BEst Dog Boots for Winter

Top of the list for best dog boots for winter are the My Busy Dog Waterproof Boots.  These boots are designed for full paw protection with a durable sturdy fabric and the best rubber soles and fantastic tread.  Also, the rubber sole is stitched perfectly to the fabric rather than other makes which are glued.  Included are a strong and adjustable Velcro strap which has a safety reflective strip which supports the safety element of these doggie boots.

My Busy Dog have also ensured that the dog boots they provide come in a wide range of sizes for dogs of all sizes.  Measuring your dogs feet is an important part of getting the right boots for your dog.  You wouldn’t walk around in boots too big or small so your dog shouldn’t neither.  My Busy Dog boots Range from 1.5 inches to 3.25 inches and the different sizes increase by 0.2 inches which covers a HUGE range of dog breeds.

Finding dog boots for winter that have a tread on the soles is very difficult as they are few and far between.  The tread on these boots makes them the best dog boots for winter but there is one downfall, the cuff.  Although these boots are warm, comfortable and prevent slipping, the cuff does not go up the leg high enough which can cause a bit of leakage in the top.


4 Colours and 8 Different Sizes
Treaded Rubber Soles
Stitched Sole not Glued
Reflective Strapping


Shorter Cuff Than Other Makes

2 Reflective 4 boots by MuttluksMuttLuks reflective dog boots

Second are the Muttluks reflective 4 Boots.  The soles of these amazing boots are made from leather and the leg cuffs from a durable stretchy nylon, whilst the inner lining is made from fleece.  From extra small up too XXL the bright pink and black boots have a reflective strap across for additional safety.  The cuffs also stretch high up your dogs leg.

The best dog boots for winter have a nice firm grip around your dog’s paws.  Many other cheaper made boots have a poor grip and tend to fall off the dogs feet easily.  Muttliks have ensured that these shoes stay on your dogs feet in any conditions and because of the high cuff and tough Velcro, we feel this is more beneficial for a firm fit.

Running and playing in the snow and regular playing and abuse, the Muttluks dog boots still keep there shape.  This is due to the leather soles supporting all types of conditions.  Another great attribute of these dog boots are that they are machine washable.


4 sizes and a Stretchable High Cuff
Genuine LEather Soles
Reflective STraps
Can Be Washed in the Machine


Can Be a Struggle Getting on Your Dogs Paws


3 Rugged Boots by Ultra PawsUltra Paws Rugged Dog Boots for Winter

Made from nylon these Rugged Dog Boots from Ultra Paws have a PVC toe and a recycled tyre used on the sole.  The Rugged Boots have a secure Velcro strap to help keep the boots attached.  Measuring your dogs feet is important when choosing dog boots for winter as any boots that slip and slide will be very uncomfortable.  They also come in 3 colours and 4 different sizes.  With the soles being made from recycled tyres, you can guarantee that they will be suited for the most severe conitions.

Any dog wearing the best dog boots for winter for the first time do struggle.  Once they are comfortable and happy wearing them, you may find it difficult to take them off.  Like children getting used to shoes for the first time.  Keeping your dog safe and comfortable in snow and icy conditions is priority for the Rugged Dog Boots.

Unlike other dog boots, the Rugged Boots come complete with tiny loop at the back.  This helps keep the winter boots comfortable and on your dog’s feet.  Although the sole of the boots is not the same as other models, they still keep your dogs paws insulated and safe in the harshest of conditions.


4 sizes and 3 different colours
Recycled Tyre for the Sole
Two Velcro Straps for Extra Support
Nylon and PVC materials used for Extra Comfort


Some Customers Reported that the Sole does rub

4 Petacc Dog Boots for Large DogsPetacc Dog Boots for LArge Dogs

Petacc dog boots are an ideal dog boot for larger breed dogs.  Although we are reviewed the best dog boots for winter, these dog boots are even better in the summer.  The sole is made from a PVC material that is durable and flexible and helps protect doggie paws from hot floors in the summer as well as cold icy floors in the winter.  Fastening the dog boots is easy with the Velcro straps and your doggie is safe with the reflective strips.

These dog boots are on the cheaper price scale however, the tread on the sole of the boot is fantastic.  Being able to wear these dog boots inside as well as outside helps if you have tiled or laminate flooring.  Older dogs will really benefit as the sole will prevent slipping and sliding.

One major flaw with the Petacc dog boots is the lining inside.  This becomes very uncomfortable on your dog and irritable.  The traction is not as good as the previous reviewed dog boots for winter.  Again, like all other dog boots for winter, make sure you measure your dogs paw width and length to ensure the correct sizing.


4 different sizes available
Double Velcro Strap with Reflective material
Wide opening for easy fit
Made with a flexible PVC material


Traction is lesser than previous reviewed boots


5 Australia Winter Warm BootsBest Dog Boots for Winter

Australia Winter Warm Boots are next on our list and look like miniature Ugg Boots.  Great for the winter these gorgeous little dog boots have a nice, tidy, rubber sole and tread.

Too ensure your dogs paws are kept warm, these best dog boots for winter have a furry inner lining and keep your paws warm and comfortable.  The boots are also easy to fit on your dog due to the Velcro straps being so secured.

With a nice snug fit and secure fastening, these boots are a great accessory for any dog owner.  If the front of the boot is fastened too tight then the heel strap tends to come loose and the boots then become lost.  Overall customers have been extremely happy with the performance of these boots.

Although the boots are waterproof on the outside, the furry inside tends to attract snow and it sticks.  However, this is a great product and dogs will love wearing them and showing them off around the park.


5 different sizes and 4 colours
Rubber soles for anti slipping
Opening at the back is a V Shape for Easy Fit


Velcro is not strong enough and comes open

How to Choose the Best Dog Boots for Winter

Dog boots for winter provide so many benefits to your dog and their paws and as you can see from the reviews above, they are a great accessory.

Waterproof rain boots are ideal for wet days however will not be good enough to survive a winters day.  Dog boots for winter are not only waterproof but provide warmth and comfort in the harshest of weather.

Measuring your dogs paws is an essential part of buying the right dog boots for winter.  You wouldn’t buy shoes for yourself without knowing your shoe size. We would always recommend your own research as well as not all dog boots are the same shape or size.

Dogs boots for winter need to be secured properly and fit comfortably otherwise snow and cold can get inside making them uncomfortable.  Ensuring your dog is comfortable on the dog walk, especially in the cold, is vital.

Summary: Best Dog Boots for Winter

Overall, dog boots for winter are a great accessory for your dog to survive the cold harsh winters days.  Wearing these dog boots for winter will prevent grit or other chemicals sticking to your dog’s paws and causing longer term problems.  We have reviewed the Top 5 best dog boots for winter but these are our own opinions.