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The Best Mikki Harness No Pull Guide 2018

The Mikki Harness is an efficient training method which does not require excessive force, using the dog’s own natural reaction to stop pulling and to walk by his owner’s side.  The harness is a...


Giant Flexi Retractable Lead Product Review 2018

The extra long, extra sturdy Giant Flexi Retractable Lead offers active and large dogs the utmost freedom on the lead. Designed especially for the greater needs of large dogs with specifically selected materials and...


Best Adjustable and Retractable Dog Leads 2018

Every dog needs a lead. Trying to find the best adjustable and retractable dog leads is always difficult as the market has such a wide variety of leads available.  Adjustable or Retractable leads are...


Best Medicated Dog Shampoo Too Help Cure Your Itchy Dog

Choosing dog shampoo can be quite simple, but when it comes to buying medicated dog shampoo, that’s when the choice gets more difficult.  We have already reviewed the best organic dog shampoo which will...