SparklyPets Rope Dog Lead Product Review

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  • Reflective Stitching
  • Price
  • Chew Resistant
  • Durable
  • Comfortable Handle


  • Only Available in the US

SparklyPets Rope Dog Lead Review

Buying a dog lead can be a frustrating job.  What materials should I choose?  What length lead should I choose?  Why is this lead better than another?  There are so many to choose from and our review below of the SparklyPets Rope Dog Lead will hopefully help you have a different option.

When looking into all the dog leads we have reviewed previously and trying to find the right one for you and your dog, you should always firstly consider the material.  Retractable dog leads do not always come recommended as they do have more disadvantages.

A normal style lead is always a great option for any dogs, small or large breeds.  There are several types of dog leads made from many different materials such as leather, cotton, rope, rubber and nylon.

SparklyPets Rope Dog LeadNylon dog leads are always the biggest buyer on the market and the most popular.  This is due to the materials being so cheap and the fact they are comfortable in a dog walkers hand.  Users of the SparklyPets Rop Dog Lead and found this to be a great lead and not anything you would expect.  Lets take a look at the SparklyPets Rope Dog Lead in more detail;

Normally a rope dog lead will be made from 100% rope.  However, the SparklyPets Rope Dog Lead is made from a thick, tough nylon rope PLUS it is completely chew resistant.  Some dogs when putting on the lead try and chew the rope as the same material is used in dog rope chew toys.

Some dog owners have reported that using other dog leads such as a nylon ribbon lead tend to deteriorate quickly in the weather or through biting.  After just a short time with a SparklyPets Rope Dog lead, dogs have stopped chewing the lead and felt comfortable going for walks.

SparklyPets Rope Dog LeadSparklyPets Rope Dog Lead also has some fantastic reflective stitching built in.  This is an amazing feature that dog owners love.  Helping keep your dog visible in dark nights or dark mornings is extremely important.  Walking your dog should be a safe enjoyable experience so any visibility your dog has will help.  Whether it be a hi vis jacket or reflective lead your dogs safety is key.

Most dog leads come with handles and these are always recommended.  Being able to control your dog easier is always best with a handled lead.  The SparklyPets Dog Lead is also available in 3 colors that are nice and neutral, Blue, Green and Grey.

Summary: SparklyPets Rope Dog Lead

Overall the SparkleyPets Rope Dog Lead is a great lead that offers good value for money and a long lasting lead.  Your dog will love it and the control you have over your dog with the handle is amazing.  Your dog will quickly learn not to chew the lead and will be able to understand that the lead is used for walking not playing.

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